This Spring Festival, the rooster’s comb hole to celebrate the New Year, folk performances strong taste

From February 1 to 6, 2022, the performance of Jiguan Cave folk Culture activity will come to a perfect conclusion.Wonderful folk culture programs will be western Henan characteristics of the New Year customs and New Year flavor show incisively and vividly, attracted from the majority of tourists to visit friends, luanchuan has become a must visit the New Year.Although the folk culture performance has ended, don’t regret it. The traditional folk programs such as monkey opera and acrobatics on the stage of the scenic area square will be staged on time every afternoon and evening. The dazzling night light show will also continue until February 16 (the 16th day of the first lunar month) and turn on the lights from 18:30 to 20:30 on time every night.During the Spring Festival holiday, the jiguan Cave scene staged the full flavor of the New Year folk programs loved by tourists more by CCTV-13 “News studio” focus attention!Since the Spring Festival holiday, jiguan Cave scenery area has been bustling with joy. In strict accordance with the requirements of the city and county for epidemic prevention and control, lively folk performance and dazzling lights night tour have presented a full flavor of folk feast for the public friends!When night falls, the jiguan Cave scenic spot is like a colored glass that illuminates the palace of Heaven, which makes the whole park into a fairy tale world, where many tourists swim, linger and enjoy the festival.In order to let tourists have a safe and happy Spring Festival, the staff of Jiguandong Scenic spot earnestly fulfill the working attitude of “I am on duty during the Spring Festival, and the responsibility is on the shoulder”.From visitors entering the park to organizing folk performances, every staff provides meticulous service to ensure both epidemic prevention and control and tourism reception, providing a safe, comfortable and assured visiting environment for tourists.This Spring Festival, Rooster’s Comb Hole is popular with tourists, and we have more wonderful experiences to wait for you!

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