Daughters of nucleic acid sampling sites

This is a “candid” photo from the nucleic acid testing site, the photo of the girl wearing protective clothing, tired face sleeping on the workbench.The photographer is Zhang Xiaoling from the Agricultural Economics and Statistics Service Station in Lucheng Town, Funan County. The girl is her daughter, Liu Jingzhe, a nurse in the second general surgery department of Funan County.”My daughter has been in charge of nucleic acid test sampling in Fudong community of Lucheng Town since April 3, and the third round of nucleic acid test was carried out in the whole county on April 7.I wanted to go in and check on her. When I got there, I found her asleep, so I took this picture and left.”Zhang xiaoling said that in recent days, her daughter almost leaves home at 7 am and gets home at 8 PM. As an assistant cadre in Fudong community, she is also busy in community prevention and control work.Mother and daughter are working together on the front line of epidemic prevention and control, but it is difficult to meet each other. Zhang Xiaoling went home later than her daughter.”To tell you the truth, both sad and relieved.”Zhang xiaoling said that in this special period, the child as a medical staff, can show not afraid of hardship and fatigue dedication, let her proud.Later, Zhang Xiaoling contacted her daughter through wechat, and learned that her daughter had bought mopridine from a nearby drugstore because of stomach pain. After taking it, she continued to take nucleic acid samples in the afternoon.

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