3 men arrested for stealing Jinhua ham!

During the Spring Festival, many people prepare bacon and ham in their homes. With the accompaniment of preserved meat, people have a strong Lunar New Year flavor.Boil a pot of bacon, thick meat soup, delicious and attractive.But someone had the idea of someone else’s ham!Recently, The Beiyuan police station of Yiwu Public Security Bureau picked up a citizen Mr. LAN reported to the police that a jinhua ham express package in a gift box at the door of his room was missing, worth more than 300 yuan.After receiving the report, the police immediately went to the scene to carry out an investigation.Through the scene investigation, view district monitoring, police found that there are 3 men suspicious.One of them carried what appeared to be ham in a snakeskin bag onto a tricycle filled with cardboard boxes and rode away.Subsequently, through research and analysis and squatting, the police successfully captured the suspect Yang and others.After the trial, Yang mou, Zhang and Xue mou and other 3 people confessed to the theft of ham.Originally, at noon on January 21, Yang, Zhang and Xue 3 people in a restaurant to stay in the elegant community.Xue on the way to dinner received a phone call, said there are waste cartons to receive.Then the 3 people go to the second floor of Field Acoudong community to collect waste cartons together.After collecting the waste paper box down, Zhang said: “The family on the other side of the family door has put Jinhua ham, we want to take away a.”After everybody heart unripe covetous, 3 people division of labor cooperation stole a box of Jinhua ham.Xue kicked a box of Jinhua ham to the second floor with his feet, Zhang quickly took the ham downstairs to Yang, Yang immediately put the ham into the woven bag, on the recycling tricycle, after the three people fled the scene together.In the evening, Yang 3 people took the stolen ham to the hotel, let the restaurant help processing, the owner will cut off a piece of ham meat for processing, after the processed ham into the belly of 3 people, eat the rest of the store.After several people were arrested, the police retrieved the rest of the ham from the store and returned it to the party.Because the attitude is sincere, at the same time actively compensate for the loss, Yang mou 3 people obtained the understanding of the parties, public security organs according to law to the three light treatment.At present, Yang mou and other 3 people because of theft, has been punished by the police administrative detention in accordance with the law.Police are reminded not to commit any illegal acts, regardless of the value of the items.The police are telling those who are greedy for petty profits, do not stretch out their hands, they will be caught, once the police will punish.At the same time, please the general public if they can not sign when the face to face express, it is best to sign on behalf of relatives, friends or about another delivery time, not because of temporary convenience, will be placed at will express.The Courier must not be lazy, randomly placed storage points, do not give criminals an opportunity.If you find any stolen packages, please report them immediately!Source: Yiwu Public security editor Guo Rong

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