Steamed bread put in refrigerator, can mildew produce aflatoxin?Be deadly?That’s not the case

Although people’s living standards are improving, the concept of thrift has always existed, so the problem of leftovers is becoming more and more serious.As for the disposal of leftovers, most families may store leftovers in the refrigerator, so that the food can have a longer shelf life, and the problem of food waste can also be alleviated to a certain extent.Refrigerator can significantly improve the shelf life of food, but the fridge is there is a certain limit, if the food storage time is too long, so sour food will gradually metamorphism, this not only affects the consumption of food, or even can aggravate the waste problem, so the use of life for refrigerator must control, otherwise the refrigerators are bacteria.As early as a few years ago, some health article said frozen steamed bread on the network is not edible, especially in the refrigerator storage time if more than 3 days, then steamed buns are more bacteria, especially the aflatoxin is likely to see, although it is very common, but have also need to explore scientific basis.When it comes to aflatoxin, the first thing people probably think of is that aflatoxin is a class 1 carcinogen, because aflatoxin itself is very toxic, and a small amount of aflatoxin can lead to a rapid increase in the risk of cancer.Generally, aflatoxin is most easily found in beans, corn and other foods.In terms of toxicity, although arsenic is very toxic, the toxicity of aflatoxin is 68 times higher than that of arsenic, indicating that the toxicity of aflatoxin is not tolerable for adults.Steamed bread is generally the common staple food of northern people in the morning and evening. The whole process of steamed bread production takes a long time, so most families will steam a lot at a time. Although it will save a lot of trouble, the constant cultivation of this habit eventually leads to the saying that steamed bread will breed aflatoxin.Actually for this statement, steamed bread once experts also aimed at this problem, experts put the steamed bread was divided into 10 groups, each group of steamed bread for 10, experiment content is stored in the first set of steamed bread in the fridge. 1 day, the second group of steamed bread put 2 days, after each set of steamed bread and so on, all the experts with the statistical testing of each set of steamed bread in,According to the data, even if stored for more than 3 days, steamed buns did not appear aflatoxin, but taste and other problems.In fact, the reason why the storage time or long or short steamed bread did not appear aflatoxin, the most important factor is the temperature of the refrigerator is not suitable for the growth of aflatoxin.Generally, the growth of aflatoxin needs to be between 10 and 33 deG C, and the temperature of the refrigerator is usually around 0 DEG C, so the improper temperature will not naturally make aflatoxin breeding.Although aflatoxin in the storage time is not long to appear on the steamed bread, steamed bread was spawned other bacteria, these bacteria are mainly composed of green color, if eat the steamed bread, the body is easy to appear all sorts of adverse symptoms, so in order to maintain a healthy body, the bacterial growth should avoid eating steamed bread or other food.Although aflatoxin steamed bread in the refrigerator is not easy to develop, but in life there are a lot of food is easy to breed aflatoxin, including nuts kind of food, dairy products and edible oil, so in order to reduce the risk of cancer, at the same time in order to reduce the poisoning, life will be more attention to the food, then if there is a mould immediately after processing,In this way, health problems can be better maintained.

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