Ming Dao party responded to Huang Yi said dirty words: should not be emotional words, put the video may deliberately with rhythm

On February 20, the mother of one of the actors released a video.The video shows Ming Dao, Huang Yi and a group of actors recording a New Year greeting video on the set, each holding a red envelope with “Gong Xi CAI” written on it. Ming dao and Huang Yi are sitting next to each other, while Huang yi is holding a little girl, who is several years old and is believed to be her daughter in the play.However, when everyone was ready, the little girl moved frequently and blocked The lens of Huang Yi. Huang Yi corrected several times without success, resulting in the video has not been able to shoot.”MD, don’t waste our time,” he said, before turning to warn the little girl.But the little girl probably bear strength, always turn a blind eye, Ming Finally unbearable, to the little girl lost his temper, leaving a “wait for you to play well again”, left the camera.Mingdao left, the little girl finally become good, no longer move, mingdao this to return to the position, the New Year wishes video finally successfully recorded.After the video was released, the entry “Mingdao temper tantrum” quickly went viral. However, unlike in the past, when people are used to taking the children’s side, many netizens defended Mingdao, saying it is normal to lose temper with a child like the little girl.But soon after, another video surfaced, which showed Ming dao and Huang Yi performing a romantic scene, but they may not be in the right state and the director shouted at them halfway through.Clear road on the spot biao swear words, said “MD I just entered the play, you TM this……”After many netizens saw this video, they suspected that Ming Dao was saying dirty words to Huang Yi, and felt that he was so poor that he suddenly became more suspicious.Mingdao’s agent was quick to respond to the controversy caused by the two videos.Agent explained the reason for the little girl’s temper, said that only a few days away from the finish, everyone is racing against time, are very tired, but the little girl is not ideal, so the road will lose his temper.For Ming Dao suspected partner Huang Yi said dirty words, the agent responded that the two people are friends, there is no unpleasant, two people work in a very good state.The manager also claimed that the video had been edited to make it clear that swearing was meant to be used as a joke on the spot, and that the person who leaked the film had deliberately edited it to create a rhythm and atmosphere.However, the manager admitted that the two videos made it clear that swearing was wrong and that “emotional words should not exist” and were misunderstood.Mingdao is known as a gentle and polite gentleman, but in the two leaked videos, mingdao did somewhat damage his image.The little girl was understandable. After all, it’s hard to have a good temper when a child is messing with you.And a tantrum, the little girl will cooperate, it can be seen that sometimes to deal with bear children, adults or a little temper.But in the second video, Mingdao’s two sentences, both of which contain profanity, even if only in jest, sound harsh and completely inconsistent with his usual image as a gentleman.As Mingdao’s agent said, “It’s not right to swear. Mingdao, as a public figure, should pay attention to this aspect.”But celebrities are people too, and swearing is normal. There’s no need to get on board, just eat and have fun.

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