Heart also walk heart phrase short sentences, the wind blowing grass low see melancholy, look up at least there is light

Drinking lonely wine, tasting strong sorrow, evoke the traces of the years, see the person who has no return date.Do not know when the beginning of life, the desire to become very simple, has no expectation of surprise, just hope not to have, the sudden trouble is good.Read a sentence: “the best way to let go of others is to pick up your own”, deeply thought.I have no obligation to live the life that anyone expects me to live. So what does it matter what others think of me?Yang Jiang once wrote: “Not everyone is fit to grow old together with you. Some people are fit to grow up and some are fit to live together.There are people who are suitable for a lifetime to miss.You have to believe that there is always a meeting, is mutual love, mutual appreciation, is across the vast sea of people, rushed to come.Never believe in love over time, also do not believe that plain is true, in my cognition, love must be warm, is to meet the running, is to embrace after drinking, is not hiding the light in the eyes.No matter what kind of life you live, don’t put the responsibility on others, all the pain and happiness are caused by yourself!Every choice has its corresponding chip, willing to concede defeat, is also the quality of an adult.Soft-hearted and embarrassed, they’ll just kill themselves and feed a bunch of vampires.Cigarette end is grey, the end of the story is sad;No words don’t say once, nothing to say is the end;Born at the wrong time, love meets no one. Wherever he goes, he is doomed.The wind blowing grass low melancholy, look up at least there is light.Recently I restored the original appearance, withdrew the dependence, withdrew the tenderness, put down the possessiveness, learned to live alone, let your nose sour forever is not the words, but similar experience, and you hold in the heart of grievance.Show people who you really are.There is no need to please others, there is no need to wronged yourself.Shakespeare said, “The course of true love never did run smooth, love meets all difficulties, love triumphs.”

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