Woman’s soul tortures blind date boyfriend: “You drive a Porsche, why buy me an Audi?”

Your strength determines how others treat you.Not so absolute as this sentence says, but everyone has a scale in mind, people are to measure the value of your attachment after deciding your attitude, in the final analysis, those so-called sense of existence is ultimately you give yourself.– Anonymous Women want to meet a man who is romantic and willing to spend money on themselves.No man is more practical than his money, no matter how nice he talks.Maybe some men will say, “Nowadays women are too realistic, only care about money and not people.”There is indeed such a woman, can let them fall in love with the man, first of all they must have a certain economic strength, second is his character, personality, looks, work and so on.Some women don’t mind being a mistress if men are really rich.There is no way to say right or wrong about many things, only that every woman wants different things.In the end, only they know what price they pay for what they want, and whether they regret it.Netizen Chen Rui once met a man with a good economy who drove a Porsche.When the man put forward to buy her audi, Chen Rui chose to break up, why?01, Chen Rui’s family is ordinary, his parents are ordinary workers retired, but Chen Rui’s work is stable, people look good, so she introduced people in an endless stream.Chen Rui’s vision is very high. She always wants to marry a rich man, so that she will never have to worry about money.Chen Rui’s idea is also the idea of the vast majority of women.A poor woman wants to marry a rich man, and a rich woman wants to marry a richer man.If a rich woman looks for a man without money, either the man is a good-for-nothing, or the woman is just playing around with him.Chen met Liu on a blind date, and the encounter was a bit of a drama.The place is a cafe. When Chen Rui arrives at the cafe, Liu Xuan has already arrived.They had a nice chat until it turned out that they were not each other’s blind dates, and that the introductions for each of them had a nice chat.That’s how Chen Rui met the first man in his life who drove a Porsche.Chen Rui will feel that he does not deserve Liu Xuan. After all, he is just an ordinary girl, while Liu Xuan is a mature and stable man with a successful career.However, if Chen Rui does not grasp the opportunity when she meets such a good man, she will regret for the rest of her life.In order to win Liu Xuan’s heart, Chen Rui almost pulled out all the stops.For example, although she knows Liu xuan is rich, she still pays the bill during the date.Although Liu has all kinds of luxuries, Chen knitted a scarf for him on Valentine’s Day.Chen Rui has done too many things to liu Xuan’s heart. She makes Liu Xuan deeply realize that she is a unique, irreplaceable and clever woman.Liu Xuan had seen all kinds of women but none like Chen Rui.So, he became obsessed with her, willing to spend a lot of money on her.Of course Chen Rui is proud, her goal finally achieved.When Liu Xuan proposed to buy Chen Rui a car, Chen Rui was very excited.But after hearing liu Xuan’s words, Chen Rui was no longer excited, because Liu Xuan said to her, “Dear, go and pick an Audi of 300 or 400 thousand yuan.You can choose the color, the model, as long as you like it.”Chen Rui was a little unhappy, and her heart was very unbalanced. “Why does Liu Xuan drive a car worth more than one million yuan, but only buy a car worth three or four hundred thousand yuan for me?Does he really love me?If he truly loves me and wants a better outcome with me, shouldn’t he buy me a more expensive car than his own?”Liu’s words distracted Chen Rui, who finally couldn’t hold back, she told him, “Why don’t you buy a new Audi and give me your Porsche?I don’t like Audi, I like the car you’re driving now.””You drive a Porsche. Why would you buy me an Audi?”Chen Rui’s meaning has been very clear, she just dislike Liu Xuan to buy her car cheap.In this way, Chen Rui wants Liu Xuan to buy her a more expensive car.However, Liu didn’t answer Chen’s questions, and his attempts to contact her became less frequent.Chen Rui felt that Liu Xuan wanted to leave her, but considering their relationship, she did not want to believe that Liu Xuan really did not want her.So Chen took the risk and sent liu a message saying, “Since you don’t love me that much, let’s break up.All I want is a man who will love me with all his heart.”Liu Xuan’s message to Chen Rui was almost instantaneous, with only two words, “ok”.Chen Rui was completely dumbfounded.03. If you were Chen Rui, what would your reaction be when Liu Xuan offered to buy you an Audi?I believe most women have the opposite reaction to Chen Rui.For Chen Rui, an Audi car is not something she can easily afford. With her salary, she may never buy one.Liu Xuan is willing to buy it for her. She should be grateful and cherish liu Xuan more.Unfortunately, Chen Rui is too insatiable.Chen Rui only saw liu Xuan’s car was worth more than one million yuan, but ignored his own value. She was not worth more than one million yuan in Liu Xuan’s eyes.When a man is in love, he knows how much money he is willing to spend on a woman.Men spend money and women in his heart status and weight is equivalent, when a woman complains that men are not willing to spend money for her, because she is not worth enough.For women who can afford Coach themselves, their boyfriends want to give them Louis Vuitton;Women who can afford their own Audi, men just want to give them a Mercedes.If a woman wants to have something better, first of all, she must possess that ability and value.A woman who expects a man to make her fortune will suffer a great loss sooner or later.If Chen Rui and Liu Xuan married, her identity is his wife, so, he will treat her mentality will be different.Maybe it’s just like Chen Rui thought, Liu Xuan drives 300 or 400 thousand cars, but is willing to buy her more than one million cars, that is because, the relationship between the two people is different, her value in his heart is naturally different.Woman, when you want to put forward any material needs of a man, please weigh how much you are worth, and how much you are worth in a man’s heart.If you were Chen Rui, would you accept the Audi from Liu Xuan?Feel free to leave a comment and share your opinion.

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