What do I mean by debit amount

Debit amount means the sum of all debit and credit transactions for this account during a given period.1, the amount is a process, is a period of concept, and the balance is a result, is a point in time concept.It has a plus or minus sign, because when you choose increase to be positive, then decrease to be negative, and conversely, if decrease to be positive, then increase to be negative, plus or minus represents the tendency to increase or decrease.2. Lender refers to a person or financial institution that makes use of credit funds or free funds to issue loans to borrowers in the course of loan activities.The borrower refers to the enterprise, public institution or individual that borrows monetary funds from the lender with its own credit or property as guarantee or with a third party as guarantee in credit activities.3, the exchange subject is also called the exchange subject.Including: other receivables, other payables.Accounts receivable, accounts payable, prepaid notes receivable Notes payable.Current accounts are made in pairs, not individually.

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