Cooked duck flies, Yang Dingxin 199 hand colander, LG Cup final in advance of defeat to Shen Zhen

After The Chinese women’s soccer team defeated South Korea 3-2 to win the Asian Cup, and the Winter Olympics were in full swing, the LG Go final was held as scheduled, again between Chinese players and South Korean players.This spring, it’s not too cold.In advance, both Chinese and South Korean weiqi fans overwhelmingly thought that Shen Zhen would win, as the 22 year old young player has no defeat against Chinese players in the world series in recent days.Even Shen Zhen herself thought he would find opportunities in the back set to beat his rivals.In advance, the Shenzhen computers are clean and in advance there should be no slip in the finals.And Yang Ding xin’s computer, but also put a portable.The logistic service of Chinese chess institutes to chess players has not been as good as that of South Korea.In advance the competition was as in advance as expected in Shenzhen and In advance Yang dingxin was in hot condition, as in advance AI, with zero faults in the first 100 rounds.Although several bad hands are in Common in Shenzhen, each bad hand has a single-digit win rate.Both sides played as accurately as a computer, but Yang Dingxin was more accurate.Yang dingxin with more than 70 percent of the win rate, about 4 goals lead into the mid-set stage.After the 105th hand, Yang dingxin took advantage in the lower left and his winning percentage steadily increased to 80 percent.In advance, Shenzhen and Advance were keen to regain ground and the 110th hand began to attack midrange blackspots after the lower left.Yang dingxin was very conscious that this was the key to the disc and spent a lot of time calculating.The end result is that both sides’ brains are like computers, and both work correctly.With a win rate of more than 80%, Yang dingxin continues to advance in the direction of AI guidance.To 123 hands, hu Yaoyu eight section of commentary that white is now too difficult coefficient.Is it possible that Chinese sports will have good news again on this New Year’s day?In advance of this time, shenzhen judged that there was no chance of victory in advance, and mustered troops and horses for a trap fight, in which they intended to attack Black’s five left ribs.At this time, Yang Dingxin’s winning rate has exceeded 90%, the field lead 9.He’s weak enough to fight.In advance, shenzhen and advance advance attack forces plunged headlong into Yang Dingxin’s packet-turning.Facing the meat in his mouth, Hu yaoyu believes that eating is also a problem at this time, because there are many choices and it is easy to make mistakes.Yang Dingxin also took a longer time to weigh in.This chess game, Yang Dingxin also mastered the rhythm well, in the place should be careful to think about.In the end, Yang Dingxin played coolly, and black moved six pieces of White to the left, successfully setting the trend. In all cases, there was no weakness. Hu Badan believes that Shenzhen can advance in advance.At this time, the chess game has not reached 150 hands, Yang Dingxin’s victory rate exceeded 90%, leading more than 10 eyes.In advance, the Shenzhen forces, which abandoned their villages and broke out in advance, became guerrilla in advance, in an attempt to attract Yang dingxin’s faults in obscure places and find a winning opportunity.But Mr. Yang has time to maneuver.Go to the 184th hand, Hu Yaoyu said, let’s quietly enjoy the guan Zi tie, as long as there is no special circumstances, the victory is not suspense.However, Yang Dingxin 189 hands, suddenly dropped a 20% win rate.The 199th hand, the decisive one at last.Yang Dingxin seconds, not tight gas, the following a big colander, dropped 45% of the victory rate.Down to 226, Yang Dingxin conceded and Shen Zhen made a big comeback.The cooked duck flew away.In advance, as predicted by Shenzhen in advance competition, the winners in the official stages were remarkable.On the fifth day of the lunar New Year, the men’s football team is not alone, with the company of Weiqi.

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