Back-to-back games against the New Orleans Pelicans are the lakers’ last hope of ending the season

Westbrook put up 24 points, six rebounds and seven assists in the lakers’ 109-122 loss to the Utah Jazz on Saturday night after the lakers lost their fifth straight game in the NBA.Suffered four straight defeats.To tell the truth, if wei had less has recently this period of time, estimated that wouldn’t be so miserable, the lakers’ season the lakers now the trouble is, losing the game, the spurs lead against the lakers, once again become the 10th in the west and big probability after repeated several times, even until the spurs hit the trail blazers.Estimated Duncan and kobe Bryant will not think of, at the beginning of the 21st century the strongest teams, now to places in a play-off for the rat, considering the trail blazers basic give up stage, the spurs won their probability is extremely high, therefore, the lakers want to transcend the spurs, the next game against pelicans team must win.Back-to-back against the Pelicans, for the Lakers great pressure, but there is no way, the remaining opponents of the Lakers except the Pelicans, only one thunder can be sure to beat, the other teams are stronger than the current Utah team, the Lakers are most likely to beat.So, in preparation for the game, it’s been announced that Lebron James and Brandon Will be back for tomorrow’s game against the New Orleans Pelicans, which is a huge boost for the Lakers.A win over the Pelicans is still possible if James and Russell return. Otherwise, it’s a bit of a stretch with Westbrook alone.In fact, the last time James and less led by the pelican team, and now the lakers face the pelican team, to be honest, a lot of pressure, if not stronger other rivals, the lakers didn’t grasp the more, the lakers won’t put hope on against pelicans, if can’t win the pelican team, so this season, that’s the end of the lakers.

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