Southern counties carry out spring conscription propaganda

In recent days, the conscription office of Nanbu County in Sichuan province has made a thorough investigation of the distribution of high quality conscripts among college graduates and college students by means of home visits and telephone contacts.They went to communities to conduct precise mobilization face to face, broadcast conscription propaganda videos on radio and TELEVISION, and set up propaganda spots for conscription policy to answer questions and solve doubts, helping the recruitment propaganda go deeper and more concrete.In order to do a solid job of conscription in spring 2022, the People’s Armed Forces Department of Nanbu County made preparations in advance, studied and formulated conscription plans, and strengthened the implementation of responsibilities.In order to make the conscription policy deeply popular, improve the awareness rate of the masses, the county gave full play to the township (town) village cadres, through hanging banners, door-to-door publicity materials, wechat groups and other ways to carry out extensive conscription publicity;At the same time, the recruitment policy was publicized through new media platforms such as county finance media, wechat official account of wechat south and local We-media.By setting up conscription policy propaganda points in commercial streets, distributing information to the masses, answering the policy, broadcasting audio recordings, organizing on-site registration, etc., the scope of conscription publicity is expanded to ensure that conscription information and related policies are transmitted to thousands of households.By January 20, more than 500 conscription campaigns had been carried out, with more than 400 banners, more than 1,000 posters and about 10,000 conscription brochures distributed.The county has 532 people signed up to join the army, including more than 200 college students.(Yao Songtao, Yang Qianfu) Source: National Defense Times Editor: Nan Review Editor: Xu Xiaojuan Link: National Defense Times news Center

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