Share photos: Drunken beauty of clivia

# Most Romantic Thing I can Think of # Clivia is a very popular flower that many families have grown.Clivia leaves stretch green, no branches no poles.When flowering, many flower heads gather together into a flower ball, gorgeous color, elegant chic.The beautiful clivia is in full bloom.The leaves are broad and thick, and the flowers are brightly colored.Multicolor Clivia flowers, many flower head to form a big flower ball, dignified and beautiful!Blue gentleman orchid, rare and beautiful.With its broad green leaves and bright red flowers, clivia always gives people a thick aesthetic feeling.Very rare yellow clivia orchid with elegant and beautiful floral pattern.Hello, friends!If you also like nature, like animals, plants, beautiful things, like reading, drawing, beautiful things, then follow me (Forest C), every day to share wonderful things.Thank you for your attention, welcome to like, comment, forward, favorites, your encouragement is my biggest motivation.Thank you very much!Even better if it’s strongly recommended (hold the “like” button and press it a little longer)!

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