Cambodia’s West Port islands over 32!More than 20 companies competed to develop it

In all, more than 20 companies are developing many of sihanoukville’s islands, sihanoukville government spokeswoman Chien Bielen said late Tuesday.Westport has 32 islands in total, and several companies are now developing more prominent ones, including Buffalo Island, Lacey Island and Lover’s Island, according to the social networking site.Projects on these islands have been completed and are being started.There are also a number of island developments under master plan but not yet completed, he said.It is reported that the most famous islands in Westport include Lover’s Island, Gaolong Island, Gaolong Saleng Island and Dajie Island.The beaches on these islands are beautiful and a sea paradise.It is understood that most Cambodians like to travel to the islands, especially Koh Long, Koh Long Salleng and Paradise Islands, which are being developed by royal Group and various companies.Qianbi added that xigang has regained its popularity among local tourists, and the COVID-19 epidemic in China has been well controlled, especially in Xigang.

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