People in the northeast know how to enjoy life the most

People in northeast China know how to enjoy life the most. If you look at which tourist city is good and suitable for retirement, you can see many old people in northeast China buying a house and settling down for retirement.If you look at which city is suitable for development, you can see that young people from the northeast are occupying that city. People from the northeast are buying houses all over the country. You can observe that many families from the northeast have multiple houses in southern cities and do not work.This is the change of thinking, always say northeast people poor, really poor, you see the headline video, Harbin people, Shenyang people, whose local is not many suites, there are a lot of northeast 18 counties small city people, in the provincial capital also bought a house.Shenyang people’s savings rank among the top in China.Southerners, very proud, because the urban development is good, always look down upon the northeast person, because of the northeastern city of development is not good, always cry poor, however, is not yet the perspective-taking, the southern city of house, the northeast people buy how much, unconsciously, all become a city of northeast people, you see sanya, you go to, the local people will tell you, sanya is known as “little Harbin, northeast restaurants everywhere,Northeast dishes, are fast to find hainan local dishes, you are looking at the vegetable market in Hainan, it is said that There is no cabbage in Hainan, northeast oil beans and other vegetables, now, Hainan has entered a lot of northeast seeds, the ground is full of northern dishes.You are going to the northeast cities. How many southerners have settled in the northeast?It is cold in northeast China, why not say that northeast China is the summer city in summer? How do you spend summer in south China? It is not raining or burning sun.It’s cold in the northeast, but the room temperature is comfortable, with heat, while there is no heat in the south.People from northeast China don’t see them working, traveling, buying houses and doing business everywhere. People from northeast China see China as a spot where there are people from northeast China everywhere, eating, drinking and having fun. It also makes people from south China feel that the cities in northeast China are miserable and underdeveloped.I do admire their mindset anyway.Northeast people, when migratory birds, half a year, to the southern cities to escape the cold, half a year back to their hometown summer.You are looking at southerners. Most of them are in their hometowns and endure the heat. The most important thing is that they don’t look at people from the northeast and feel pity for them.People live in the city of 20-30 degrees a year, where the best to buy a house and settle down, are their own home

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