Streamline skin care for healthy skin

Face anxiety is so prevalent in today’s society that there are so many things we don’t like about our skin: it’s not white enough, it’s not smooth enough, it has spots.So anxious to achieve, different efficacy of products at the same time.This unintentionally increases the skin burden, different skin care products are stacked, preservatives are also stacked, the situation does not get better, but will appear stinging, skin barrier damage.Skin care in essence but not more, appropriate streamlined skin care, complex for simple, can let the skin gradually return to a more healthy and stable state.Kick-start your skincare regime with SOFINA Carbonate Beauty Solution.The “keep a bubble” carbonated essence can live very good haun skin vitality, because contain bubbles micron technology and carbonate, carbonate makes bubble rich carbonate smooth and exquisite, is smaller than the pores, easy to penetrate to the stratum corneum of skin, improve local skin blood circulation, help effectively absorbs the nutrition of the follow-up skin care products, improve muscle, improve skin vitality, leave skin moist and healthy.Clarins Gold Double extract Dew Oil double layer formula, in the minimalist skin care muscle eating, still can bring you a different experience.Double extract and double energy, elastic and bright, a bottle of essence at the same time rich in muscle bottom essence and efficacy essence, save “pressure muscle” “stay up late face”, using muscle source sensing technology and bionic sebum membrane technology, from the outside to strengthen the skin, keep the skin healthy and stable.HR Helena Green Bottle essence Damaged skin sisters look over ~ minimalist skin care to more carefully choose their own repair essence oh.Helena Green Aquarius essence adopts 10 years of special research and extraction technology to reduce the concentration of energy of cells and reshape the barrier.Build stable muscle bottom structure, can effectively solve the skin problems caused by seasonal sensitivity, excessive brush acid, improper skin care, overtime and stay up late.Lancome Small Black bottle Face essence skin base liquid is minimalist skin care, strengthen the barrier, faster repair.Lancome Small Black bottle Facial Essence skin base liquid adds 7 prebiotics + double yeast essence, micro ecological repair and skin base repair, maintain the stability of the skin, make the skin stable and healthy.Five, guerlain recovery honey in a minimalist, protect skin can also have good color oh ~ guerlain recover main component is the French black bee honey and honey bee emperor extract, rich in polyphenols, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and other repair component, promotes the skin of signal transmission, from the roots seem to have skin problems, speed up the pace of the skin self repair.

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