Good anson diabetes treatment instrument: the Lantern Festival to eat dumplings, sugar friends to eat so!

The Lantern Festival is coming. Tangyuan is a must for the Lantern Festival. It not only tastes sweet, but also has a good meaning of round and round, so it is loved by people.But for diabetics, eating tangyuan or pay attention to.For yuanxiao and tangyuan, especially those with sweet fillings, diabetics should first clearly know that they are high-calorie and high-sugar foods. If they eat too much at a time, their blood sugar levels will definitely rise.However, this does not mean that they cannot be eaten at all. People with diabetes can eat one or two yuanxiao dumplings in festive gatherings according to their physical conditions. It is not recommended to eat more than four yuanxiao dumplings.Don’t open up your appetite just because you’re excited and forget yourself.When eating yuanxiao and tangyuan, you can reduce other corresponding food intake, but do not regard yuanxiao tangyuan as a staple food, eat tangyuan that day less meat and oil.Cook yuanxiao, tangyuan soup as far as possible do not drink.If the blood sugar fluctuations recently, high blood sugar after the meal, it is best not to eat yuanxiao dumplings.2, after eating high calorie, high sugar food to exercise more after eating yuanxiao or tangyuan half an hour, you can go for a walk, walk more, or do more simple and help digestion exercise.Exercise helps burn calories off food, so blood sugar doesn’t rise as much.3, pay attention to eating time in addition to controlling the amount of food and exercise after meals, diabetic people should also pay attention to eating high sugar food time.Do not choose to eat in the morning and night time, too early and too late are not conducive to digestion and absorption, and the exercise is small, will lead to excess energy, blood sugar rise.It is best to choose at noon lunch time, or between two meals to eat yuanxiao dumplings, reduce the amount of staple food, balance calorie intake.When eating dumplings, you can cool them for a while and eat them slowly.During the cooling process, starch recrystallization will be slow to form starch (resistant starch) that is difficult to be broken down by amylase, which can help delay the digestion and absorption of rice balls and slow the rise of blood sugar.4. Eating with dietary fiber and eating slowly, yuanxiao dumplings belong to refined grains. If the digestion speed is too fast, it will not be conducive to blood sugar control.Therefore, like paying attention to diet, dietary fiber can be combined with vegetables and coarse grains to help control blood glucose and digestion, and delay the rate of blood glucose rise.In fact, compared with sweet dumplings, salty dumplings are more suitable for sugar lovers.While they have the same glycemic index, they have completely different amounts of sugar.Don’t trust the “sugar-free dumplings” on the market, even if they don’t contain sugar, but they still contain glutinous rice.Salted and lean meat dumplings or shrimp dumplings are recommended, cooked in a pot and served with low-fat, high-fiber foods such as beans and vegetables.Also, don’t eat more salty dumplings.Finally, I wish you all a happy Lantern Festival!Family reunion, peace, joy, happiness and health!Howansem is a sub-brand of Shenzhen Shande Medical, adhering to the brand mission of “using science and technology to create a healthy future”, dedicated to the cause of life and health, to build a healthy foundation for people’s family life, and to explore a daily auxiliary treatment for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases with high incidence in modern society.

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