Send Spring Festival couplets send blessings send love enterprise calligrapher and village cadres send warm Spring Festival

On January 26, leizhou city love enterprise Jiangnan coast farm led, combined with the city calligrapher’s association and attached town Moting village committee, to carry out “Jiangnan spring warm New Year, coastal ink to send auspicious” as the theme to the masses of the Spring Festival couplets and sympathy for the elderly, together to create the Spring Festival warm current to make the masses happy.On the morning of the same day, people from moting village committee of attached town, neighboring villages and the past came to the scene of the activity and received the calligrapher’s “Mobo” written on the scene with great joy.The author saw that in the wide yard of the love enterprise Jiangnan Coast farm, a number of calligraphers stick to their desks.Some of the people standing next to them were selecting the content of the couplet they liked and assigning it to the calligrapher.Some help to lay paper and pour ink on the side, so that the calligrapher better “dragon Flying Dance”;When the couplets have been written, they are carefully put aside to dry, waiting for the ink to dry before happily taking them away…”Thank you very much jiangnan coast farm enthusiastically organized activities, so that we can get free Spring Festival couplets at home.”Many people at the scene happily said, “We all like calligrapher’s handwritten Spring Festival couplets, both beautiful atmosphere and overflows the thick fragrance of calligraphy, such couplets more Spring Festival flavor.”They think it is meaningful to carry out such activities in the Spring Festival, “on the one hand, you can enjoy the visual beauty of calligraphy art, on the other hand, really feel the thick traditional Chinese culture.”At the scene of the activity, a series of Spring Festival couplets full of festivity, auspiciousness and blessing convey a thick flavor of the New Year, and the masses are filled with a happy smile on their faces.On the same day, by the south coast farm and attached town moting village committee organized from the condolence team, in the Moting village committee condolences to the village of 11 elderly five guarantees.In the process of condolence, most of the healthy elderly were invited to the village committee to receive condolence.Part of the action inconvenience, by the condolence personnel personally sent to go.Condolence staff to the old people, to send New Year’s blessing.When each of the five guaranteed old people received the “New Year’s goods” carefully prepared by the condolence staff, everyone had a happy smile on his face.”Respecting the old and caring for the young is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. To have the opportunity to do something practical for the five guarantees elderly and let them celebrate the Spring Festival happily is what every junior should do. It is the concrete embodiment of every enterprise feeding the society.””Love is sunshine,” said Concubine He, who was born in the 1990s and is a passionate advocate of public welfare activities. “Only when everyone gives a little love can the society become more beautiful.”(Photo/Article by Kenneth Chan)

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