Respect, accept, care, enable!Enthusiastic about social work, one of our teachers won the title of “civilized Citizen”

Peninsula media reporter Liu Jinzhen recently, Qingdao Civilization Office announced the January 2022 Qingdao “civilized citizens” list, a total of 10 people selected.Xu Congde, associate professor of Law school of Qingdao University of Science and Technology, was awarded the honorary title of “civilized citizen” in the category of “dedication”.The reporter learned that for more than 20 years since 2001, apart from focusing on professional education and teaching, he has devoted a lot of energy to the specialization and professionalization of social work, actively serving social vulnerable groups and passing on the professional concept of social work.Xu from Qingdao university of science and technology is the first national Gao Jishe work division, the CPPCC Qingdao, Qingdao university of science and technology school of social work, director of the center for supervision and evaluation, supervisor of postgraduate, shibei district, Qingdao city huizhong social work service center director, concurrently hold the position of director of social work association of shandong province, Qingdao in Qingdao construction campaign committee of supervisors, etc.,Wear many hats.In 2021, the Ministry of Civil Affairs carried out and completed the first assessment of senior social work teachers. A total of 120 senior social work teachers were selected nationwide, among which 6 were from Shandong Province. Xu Congde was one of them.Xu congde has a special liking for social work. In 2009, he joined Qingdao University of Science and Technology as a teacher and has continued his passion for social work.With “respect, acceptance, love, can make” of professional social work value concept, advance in social work policy, professional services, supervise the training, organization management, the theoretical research in areas such as pioneering spirit, active service social vulnerable groups, professional social work concept, and to promote the Qingdao shibei construction of professionalization and specialization of social work has made a positive contribution.The reporter learned that Xu Congde led the establishment of huiquan Social Work Service Center, the first professional social work service organization jointly established by universities and local governments in Qingdao, seeking the integration of theoretical advantages of social work in universities and front-line social work, and undertaking the exploration of promoting the career development of social work in Qingdao.During this period, they undertook and participated in the development planning of social work of the Civil Affairs Bureau, supervision and evaluation of municipal social organizations and other key work.Xu from Germany is paying attention to the elderly, the disabled and other social vulnerable groups, organized a series of professional social work services, make many people feel enthusiastic and professional social workers, professional social work concept, and to promote the Qingdao shibei construction of professionalization and specialization of social work has made a positive contribution.Since 2001, xu has been committed to the development and research of specialization, professionalization and localization of social work. Xu has done a lot of practical services and social policy research for vulnerable groups and community governance.He said in an interview that social work is not only a theoretical profession, but also closely related to practical services.Over the years, Xu has done too many service projects involving different groups, including minors and the elderly.The “Elderly Harmony” service project organized by him has been working for five or six years to establish files, assess and provide one-to-one services for empty-nesters. It has also won the demonstration project of poverty alleviation through social work in Shandong Province in 2020.In the process of helping them, also realize the value of life.According to the introduction, it is reported that in order to vigorously cultivate and practice socialist core values, excavate and publicize moral models around the masses, promote the formation of a good social fashion of worshiping virtue, seeing the good and thinking of the good, Qingdao civilization office organized to carry out “civilized citizens” monthly evaluation activities.Ten “civilized citizens” will be selected each month through public voting, soliciting opinions and judging by the jury.

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