Once the top stream “super girl”, after 16 years desolate home, broken down in tears before the dilapidated mud house

Speaking of the top “super girl”, who comes to mind?There must be Zhou Bichang, Li Na and Jiang Yingrong.During the competition, they were the popular contestants of their season.But later popular, but only Zhou Bichang, Jiang Yinrong and Li Na, was almost forgotten by people.And today, let’s start with Lena.Once the top pop “super girl”, after 16 years desolate home, in front of the dilapidated mud house collapsed in tears.Le cold knowledge warm tips: drink more water, more eyes closed, more exercise, more sweet smile, more rest, remember the winter “rest and exercise” ha!”This article is about 1028 words and takes about 72 seconds to read!”Figures are only estimates, one tone to read the great!Many people think li Na is through “super girl” this program, and become “super girl” debut.In fact, as early as 2005, in Wu Kequn’s “Ordinary people” MV, as the heroine, thus entered the entertainment circle.After that, she participated in “Super Girl” in 2006. Although her ranking was not the first, her popularity was the first in that season, and she was called the top “Super girl”.After the top flow “super girl” Li Na, not only continue to develop in the world of singing, but also film and television song three habitat development.He left behind many classic works, such as “Prism of Time”, “Guangzhou Love Story”, “Caribbean Cherry Trees”, “When You Miss” and so on.These works have also made her popular for a while, but only “for a while”.Once the top pop “super girl”, after 16 years miserable return home, in front of the dilapidated mud house collapsed in tears!Happy cold knowledge ~ popular star, return home, has been Li Na’s dream.But 16 years later, she is desolate return home, in the dilapidated mud house before the collapse of tears.She was crying in her voice as she introduced her hometown, a small village called Dayuan Village in Jinhua, to people around her.She really cried, and she couldn’t stop crying.Who would have thought, when the ambitious girl, not only empty-handed, but also in tears.Actually li Na these years all the time not red reason, is because of his own character, is not to contend for not rob.The competition in the entertainment industry is increasingly fierce. Every day, “little Fresh meat” jumps out to challenge her, a 38-year-old “old bacon meat”.As a result, the agency gave her few resources.Every month the artist’s mailbox will receive the itinerary, and her mailbox, almost only empty and white.Happy cold knowledge: “once the top flow” super girl “, after 16 years desolate return home, in the dilapidated house before the collapse of tears!”After her success, Super girl Li Na is a has-been.Many auditions were brushed, can only sing in the bar, live with goods.Now, 38 years old Li Na, every year to send one or two singles, the main work is not like live with goods, but it is an important means to make a living.Fortunately, there are some long-time fans who still support her.Look at the days in the future, Li Na can usher in the “salted fish turn over”.Which super girls do you remember?…What do you think about this?Welcome netizens to leave a message, exchange, hot discussion, discussion in the comment area.*2 more * Midnight inspiration, 19 to 46 hours to create oh, remember to like ha!It’s not easy to create, like is power!This essay by 2 love to laugh, 3 love to make, 4 love to cry, like to add drama “happy cold knowledge” original Ha.172 line ^ small writer ^, hoping to get 3,763 likes.* Star * story, daily, life, experience, found 1 beautiful, 2 love, 3 knowledge.Some contents are for appreciation, appreciation, praise and appreciation only.If you can comment, “follow”, favorites, forward…Maybe even better next time.It’s just blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!

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