I have tasted the strongest love, the deepest feeling, but I do not know hell never really

Hello everyone, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this article.As a super love network push novels I, thinking for a long time decided to read their own feel good novels to share with you, like reading fans, do not miss it, today small make up minutes to let friends see addiction don’t sleep, hee hee.If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!Small make up recommend everyone today: “abuse of heart wounds into” I tasted the most strong love, the most profound affection, but don’t know the hell never really the first: “abuse of heart wounds into” main content: the abuse of heart wounds into “I tasted the most strong love, the most profound affection, but don’t know the hell never really highlights: high heels, I don’t wear very often.But in order to let Cheng Yang see me, to achieve you see me beautiful, immediately soft under the legs of the effect, the girl is ready to risk it all.I looked at the time. It was already eight forty.I hurriedly carried the small bag to the door to run.Linke shouted after him, “Have you finished your high heels?You run?”I shouted back, “Yes, yes.”I stopped by the canteen to get some breakfast, which he loves.I’ve been following him for years, so I know the basics of him, but I don’t know where he lives.To cheng Yang’s dormitory building, only 8:50, I carry the bag, standing far away.Whenever you see someone you know, turn around and hide.After a while, Cheng Yang came out.I checked the time. 9:01. This guy’s on time.I took a few steps forward to greet him with a smile and began to observe his face as if in good spirits.”Have you had breakfast yet?” I asked.He shook his head, AND I quickly took out the milk and omelette from the bag and handed it to him.I was afraid that he was a careless person, but also deliberately explained: “afraid of the egg cake cold, so put it in the bag.”Seeing his lack of expression, I smiled awkwardly.(Click below to read it for free online.) Highlights of The second book: “I tell you, is that you?”Jiang Wanyue through gauze, saw Lu Jinyi into her ward.”It’s me.”Lu replied, “How are you feeling today?Does it hurt a lot?”Lu Said very gentle, let Jiang Wan yue very proud, “no relationship, but I look at the moment, should be very ugly!Will make you loathe me.”See Jiang Wanyue’s low mood, Lu Had to sit on her bedside, reached out to grab her delicate hands, comfort up, “it doesn’t matter, you will always be the most beautiful in my heart.””I don’t know who donated my eyes, do you know?”Jiang Wanyue said, with a grateful smile on her face, “WHEN I’m well, I’m going to thank her.”Lu Yi Jiang Wanyue held in his arms, softly comfort, “you don’t have to go, I have arranged the person’s life, you can rest assured!””Thank you, please.”Jiang Wanyue smoothed lu’s arms, as if thanking him.A week later, he Shuangxi discharged, and Jiang Wanyue in he Shuangxi discharged the day before the opening of the gauze, a pair of watery eyes appeared in front of Lu Lianyi.(Click below to read online for free.) The third book: “Mu Shao’s Sadistic Wife” highlights: “Hey, so soon?Did you find it?”Mu Xiuyan looked at lu Ming’s call, he actually had a trace of oneself have not aware of the expectation, as for what to expect more uncertain.”You admire the big boss to order things, how dare I neglect?I’m sure I did. Think about how to thank me.”The deer Ming over there said with a playful smile.”Don’t nonsense, condition you open, I want to see all data now.”Mu Xiuyan answered without a care, because he knew the people and believed in the ability of the deer, he did not doubt.But two people do not know is, when two people are deeply convinced of this information, Xia Jia Xia Qingya is sitting in his room complacently, after all, from lu Ming mobile phone to Mu Xiuyan information, this will make him more believe that Gu Wan Wan this snake woman killed Xia Qingsu.Yes, Lu Ming to Mu Xiuyan hair in the past information, has long been xia Qingya to find someone to replace the point.Mu Xiuyan after reading this information, just a trace of warmth is covered up by anger.Kuang Wan wan!Mu Xiuyan kicked open the door and shouted.Sleep in a daze Gu Wan wan is scared to wake up directly, consciousness has not been completely awake, directly hit by a mobile phone, hit dizzy dazzled more confused.(click below free online reading) “abuse of heart wounds into” I tasted the most strong love, the most profound affection, but don’t know the hell, never really above is small make up today, bring the wonderful books, hope you like them, and then add more attention and collection oh, there are fans can also have opinions and views in the comments section,Xiaobian will discuss with you about good novels and wonderful story lines!

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