Attention, the light will make “camouflage”, accidentally accident

Laundry work, every day with light, color to deal with, no matter receive clothes, pay clothes, or laundry, ironing, go to be soiled, leather clothes management, re-check shelves, all the time cannot leave light and color.As one of the three elements of clothing, color shows its important position.Making sure that the original color of the clothes remains the same is a basic requirement of laundry, but it is not easy to wash every item of clothing to meet the requirements.Because clothing color fastness is different, color fastness is an important factor in laundry safety.In laundry accidents, color accidents can account for more than 60% of the total accidents.Therefore, it is of practical value and significance to learn and understand the common sense of color and printing, to master the laws of color fastness and to master the washing operation correctly, so as to effectively predict color accidents and repair sick clothes and redye them.If the most basic light and knowledge are not understood, the problem can only be known and do not know why, let alone draw inferences, some operators will have repetitive laundry accidents, the reason lies in this.Today, we are going to talk about two common laundry color problems. First, clothes are clean when they are dried, but when they are dried, they are found to have obvious oil stains.Second, the color is normal before drying, but it has been found after drying.Laundryers, have you ever been in a situation like this?How to deal with this situation?Next, let’s talk about it.First of all, the reason for the color difference before and after washing clothes is that clothes absorb more light in the wet state and reflect less light, or the reflection ability of light is stronger in the dry state.After drying, the amount of light absorption has changed, changing the lightness, and the amount of light absorption in the oil stain has not changed, that is, the lightness of the light has not changed, so the oil stain will be highlighted.Therefore, oil stains on clothing should be checked and treated before immersion, which is difficult to distinguish after immersion.Again such as color flowers, faded clothing complementary color or leather spray color, every spraying should be dried with a hair dryer to observe the effect, if the color is uniform and consistent under wet state observation, that is done, it is wrong, the color effect is ideal, to dry after verification, so the need for hair dryer dry.If the second day after the dry check color uneven need to carry out secondary complementary color, not only add trouble, but also may increase the difficulty.The same is true for observing the color effect of re-dyeing clothing.In ironing work also often encountered light and color problems.For example, after the clothes are ironed, the check has been smooth. When rechecking or changing the Angle of inspection, it is found that the clothes are not smooth.The reason for this difference is that the clothes were not ironed originally, but only observed from different angles. The consistent color of the light-reflecting fabric is a sign that the fabric is ironed. When observed from different angles, the reflection of light changes.Therefore, color discrimination, it is best to use conventional light source – sunlight, generally speaking, sunny day light of the north window is the best, in order to enable employees to accurately identify the color, the store configuration light source is the best choice of fluorescent lamp oh ~

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