19,000 mothers-in-law manhandled their babies many times, but the mother insisted on calling the police. What’s the problem?

Xi ‘an Tian (pseudonym), has been distressed.As an elderly woman, she has no doubt about her love for her child. Fearing that she is not professional enough to take care of her child, she paid a high price (19,000 yuan) to find a mating-in woman for her child.However, by checking the home surveillance, the whole family was outraged!In just one week, from January 17 to 23, they found dozens of cases of nannies maliciously treating children.The sister-in-law, surnamed Xiao (pseudonym), coaxed the child with threatening words such as “hit you, pinch you, throw you”, accompanied by vigorous shaking and other movements.This makes the child’s mother deeply distressed, very remorse.After the incident, the nanny xiao sent a message to Tian apologizing, but instead of forgiving her, Tian decided to call the police.Tian believes that not only the nannies are at fault, but also the domestic companies that introduced them should be investigated.Anyone who spends a lot of money without professional service will be annoyed.It caused a heated debate on the Internet.But there is a very clear point of view, no matter what happens between the nanny and the employer, as a nanny should not attack the child, it is a matter of professional ethics, but also the embodiment of professional quality, no one should make fun of their own career.As a household management company, also want to have lax joint responsibility!Finally, I would like to say Ms. Tian a few words, money can not replace a mother’s love, you may have a difficult reason, but October pregnancy have insisted, there are still these two months?At least let relatives and friends, even an old man come over, do not do anything, it is good to supervise!What do you think?

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