Hearthstone: provides an easy and fully automatic way of thinking about the Lich King

The introduction of the Lich King companion in this edition of the Sundae allows the Lich King to implement fully automatic machines that previously required Golden Viking or White Viking 4 ghouls to activate at a lower level.We need a white ghoul, white Viveen, white Kangel, white Omega and a deflected explosive omega or something mechanical to start easily (omega is best otherwise it’s a bit small).All you have to do is leave a grid empty and use the ghoul skill, and when the ghoul leaves the house, it will give rise to two other ghouls, one blood ghoul, and the two ghouls will be just enough to burn Kangle but not enough to burn Raven to achieve full automatic.After achieving full auto quickly, you can continue to search for Raven ghouls, switch to full auto, and finally sell your son to yellow without dying on the way.I’m not sure if I can score, but it’s definitely worth a try for those of you who also like full automatic.

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