Update!Naturalization left 2 people, Wu Xi Wu Lei was abandoned, the national foot new main force 11 people came

At present, the Chinese men’s football team and the Chinese women’s football team are under isolation in the designated hotel in Suzhou. Due to their early absence from the World Cup, the Chinese men’s football team dare not show up, and they are not treated like the Chinese women’s football team invited to attend the CCTV Lantern Festival gala tonight.Besides domestication players and lei, other local international isolation hotel are closed training, coach Li Xiaopeng also BuZhao 10 players, respectively Liao Lisheng, high wing, Wu Shaocong, Yang Liyu, YanDingHao, Duan Liu fool, high providence, Han Jiaqi, Jiang Shenglong, TongLei, apparently team will do next succession,Because the players are all under 30.Before losing to Vietnam, The National football Team was officially confirmed to be out of the World Cup two rounds ahead of schedule.More than 60 percent of the current national team are 30 years old or older, the oldest average age of the top 12 teams. Now, after missing the World Cup, it is time for the National team to update.Niu Zhiming, a journalist at the same time, said the team should be completely restructured.Most of the post-80s players, including Wu Xi, Yu Dabao, Hao Junmin, Zhang Linpeng and Wang Shanchao, could retire from the national team.Maybe the younger local players are less capable and experienced than the current veteran players, but for the future, the squad must be restructured. Now the FOOTBALL Association and Li Xiaopeng have discussed the recruitment of 10 players under the age of 30, which is an obvious signal.First naturalized players, the team’s World Cup after los national wealth, exxon, Alan, fernando four naturalized in Brazil players such as basic don’t want to come back, and they have no systematic training, slump, Li Xiaopeng wouldn’t consider them also, with the two other leaders being Chen ming-shu tai li ke two lineages naturalization international, is when the play of the year, the first step is the core of a session of World Cup players,You can stay.Followed by the domestic many veteran to step aside, such as great treasure, Wang Shen, junmin hao, zhang linpeng, dilute zhe, zhang lei, etc., decline in age and status, China can’t always rely on them, and now Zhu Chen jie, Deng Hanwen, yuning zhang, Dai Weijun, YanDingHao, TongLei, high wing, new generation players can slowly to replace Han Jiaqi etc.In a word, the next national football Team’s new main eleven players, such as goalkeeper Han Jiaqi, defenders Deng Hanwen, Jiang Guangtai (naturalized), Zhu Chenjie, Gao Zhuanyi, midfielders Dai Weijun, Xu Xin, Li Ke (naturalized), forward line Zhang Yuning, Wei Shihao, Yang Liyu, etc., should be promoted and gradually complete the replacement.

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