September Shanghai Express Logistics Exhibition | Logistics vehicle | AGV exhibition on precision decisive battle, the express market competition intensified

September Shanghai express logistics development | 2022 | AGV logistics motor show show about accurate battle, express market competition!After THE acquisition of DEppon by JD Logistics, SF Express recently announced a new upgrade of big-ticket products and services, mainly focusing on the three aspects of air big-ticket, SF Card and urban distribution.Express price war is suspended, Deppon is changed, the competition of express market is intensifying.Sf Express major service upgrade, the industry is widely interpreted, blocking deppon + across + JINGdong new combination of intent is very obvious.As the only express logistics industry event in China and Even In Asia, with the strong support of many express companies such as Post, SF express, Santong Yida, Best, Cainiao, JINGdong Logistics, FedEx, UPS, DHL and so on,2022 Shanghai international express logistics expo, Shanghai auto show, Shanghai new energy logistics AGV robot exhibition in September 20, 2022-22, held in Shanghai new international expo center, to “scientific and technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing, green environmental protection, connected to sea” for the theme, the exhibition in the new starting point, new journey, new pattern, continuous pilot industry to explore new field of vision,Leading the new era of efficient express logistics!| 01, each aim accurately leopard network found that aviation big along abundant express the upgrades, mentioned provinces fastest 7 hours door to door.As we all know, cross express was the first to put forward the concept of trans-provincial 8-hour delivery, sf Express this time is one hour faster than deeply ploughing this field.Door-to-door interprovincial fastest 7 hours, this is the fastest aging aviation products on the market.Sf Express offers this brand of confidence, as a domestic express company with the most full cargo aircraft, in the position of the air cargo market is beyond doubt, not to mention the next ezhou airport put into operation after the further increase.Secondly, SF Express announced the upgraded “SF Card Hang” product, which adopts express quotation mode to simplify consumption cognition and optimize delivery process.Similarly, deppon carried forward the “truck flight”. “Air freight speed and auto freight price” enabled deppon to quickly occupy the high-end market of LPG logistics in South China, thus establishing its leading position in the industry.At the same time, SF Express has upgraded its terminal services again, providing comprehensive and professional urban distribution services for urban distribution, personal and corporate customers’ daily necessities, industrial and commercial goods, such as in-store, moving freight and so on.Sf Large products have been forging its professional ability of terminal services, can provide home appliances, sanitary ware, panel furniture, soft furniture, including delivery, installation, acceptance, cleaning, after-sales home delivery and installation one-stop service.Its standard jingdong logistics to send the bulk of the service can be seen.Sf’s upgrade of large products, whether it will cause a chain reaction in the industry?No matter from the income scale, or the direction of growth, SF Express has become a new leader in the sub-load industry.As can be seen from the posters, each of the standards to be achieved after the upgrade are targeted at the leaders in the field of time-limited, Carhang and urban distribution — Leapover, Deppon and JINGdong.| 02, one-stop scene for motion is not the first player in the field of express, its internal incubation project started in 2014 as a try, to buy a new bond 2018 jetta, those to join model representing the low-end market, to 2019 along abundant express as the directly independent brand, double branding,Combined with the four network financing promoted by SF Express, its revenue in 2021 is close to 30 billion yuan, and it is the first transaction in the express market.Even if it does not aim at the combination of “Deppon + Leapfrog + JINGdong”, it is generally believed in the industry that SF Express has reached the moment of comprehensive upgrading, whether it is internal development or external competition.After Deppon was acquired by JINGdong, the market pattern changed again. Sf Express needs to independently face the competition of its direct operating rivals, let alone aneng, who is looking at it fiercely.In addition to direct enterprises, the advent of the off-season, join the system of express action frequently.A few days ago, Zhongtong Express launched air parts, focusing on long-distance lines of more than 1200km, benefiting the whole network at the present stage, free transfer fees from the first center to the first airport center.Striking express from March 1 to upgrade two services, two new products, including for the bubble ratio of 1:300 within the heavy goods products, the distribution of 20% off the rhyme heavy goods.Since March 1, Yimeidao has opened the service of “bulk pickup” in 86 branches across the network, and only 10 yuan per ticket is charged for the delivery of goods over 1 ton.In addition, according to the internal meeting of Aneng Logistics, this year, it will start from the three dimensions of improving efficiency increment, ecological health and team ability, increase support in policies, products, vehicle lines, network incentives and other aspects, promote the sinking of resources, and empower the frontline.Best Express has set its annual performance target for 2022 at 10.75 million tons, with an average daily cargo volume of 38,000 tons.Service at the end of the both side B and C, and controllable high quality has been the operating advantages of large products, motion “motion card navigation” upgrade to watch also lies in the end, realize single million leopard net understands, fedex field encountered fierce price war, the outbreak accelerate big-ticket items online, and express became one of the largest section along abundant business potential.No matter how the product is upgraded, its ultimate purpose is to serve consumers and users.Just as SF Express mentioned in the poster, how to truly meet all the needs of one-stop from the service group to the range of goods, to the mode of transportation and service type has become the final foothold of the competition for express.Express logistics opportunity has come!We sincerely invite to join the 2022 Shanghai express logistics development | new energy auto show | wisdom logistics show | | AGV robot show intelligent automation exhibition USA, Linda;Play the most powerful sound of the new era of efficient express logistics together!

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