Mom and dad can stand it?This is the teacher’s response to a child who was hit 54 times in the face in three minutes

Introduction: In the learning process of students, primary education is particularly important, it is a stage to lay a solid foundation for students’ comprehensive quality, is an important period to cultivate students’ innovative thinking.Therefore, parents attach great importance to students’ primary school learning, and try their best to send their children to high-quality schools to study. They also make great efforts in choosing schools and hope their children can learn and grow up in a good environment as far as possible.But many things are only understood when children go to school. A recent news has been widely discussed by parents.The video shows a female student being beaten 54 times in just three minutes on the rooftop of a primary school in Chongqing.This is a shocking number, many parents are very angry after seeing, the school is supposed to teach people, but how can such cruel things happen?For primary school girls being slapped 54 times, listen to the school bullying occurs in response to the students in a primary school in chongqing school, a group of girls don’t know for what reason in ou together a small female students, some play a slap in the face, with their feet chuai, even with ice water poured into the girl’s head, it’s his each “can” to beat the students,From the screen feel that group of students hateful, let a person arrived resentful.After watching the video, we can feel the little girl’s helplessness, but such a thing happened, we are more distressed, a reflection on the current education.Parents put their children in school in the hope of acquiring more knowledge, but this kind of intolerance is happening in the school, it is really worrying about the physical and mental health of children.We understand that when studying at school, there are inevitably some conflicts between students, but they can be handled well and have a happy ending with the communication of school and parents. However, school bullying makes people see the ugliness of students, not to mention the noble quality of these students.This happened, the school side is to blame, there are too many problems.First of all, we know that every place in the school should have a special person to manage, fundamentally to ensure the safety of students, but it is in the rooftop of the school happened such a thing, it can be seen that the school itself is lax in management, so how to ensure that students can learn in a good environment?Secondly, a group of students bully a student, which in peacetime should also have a trace to follow, the teacher should observe the differences of students from the details, should prevent things from happening from the root, rather than allowing things to develop in a bad direction, which is also a great harm to the physical and mental health of students.If in the usual study and life, parents and teachers pay too much attention to the students’ learning and living conditions, strengthen communication with students, it is possible to understand the students’ psychology, so as to better dredging students, promote the healthy growth of students.In addition, this group of students can be so bold to beat students, it can be seen that students’ education has not kept up with the lack of good upbringing, and this is directly related to parents, teachers.In the face of all kinds of voices on the network, the school has been slow to give a reasonable response, while sympathizing with the weak girls, but also questioned the school’s education, people hope that the school can give a reasonable statement, so that they can rest assured to put their children in the school to accept learning.But as a result, we learned that the school only replied that the matter was still under investigation and would inform everyone once the investigation was clear.We all know that this is an excuse, the story itself is not very complicated, it makes one wonder whether the school is not responsible or other reasons.

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