Birch forest, alone loneliness

Birches, a person’s lonely birches, a person’s lonely village before the birches, lush every year spring, planted sapling one after another, green earth full of birches grow up, I also grow up from high school to university it was a long slow long process of a person’s time, writes the work of reading in the birches,To recite the text that was my deliberate years time and tide wait for no man, handguns and I will say goodbye to the birches, go far far away a poetic, is rocky is by no means, the mountain and looked at the mountains far away in you, the prepared birches, where a person’s lonely echoes, stole your age stole your young youth, middle-aged time however it without saying a word,Don’t thank it dances in the dark, cynical you finished reading the book, also forget you read again, or you don’t forget much way, as long as you live on the old living you know, learn more, also to zero but, are you willing to work hard, this is a person’s lonely want to go home, isolated to grizzled troubadour, everywhere you can’t learn endless,Another surprise, you create a exclamation mark you believe, the ancient sages are lonely what’s going on in the world, only reading high taste you from those you hate, considering the graft rejection, you such nonsense bullshit birches, a person’s lonely you are travelling, go far, don’t know, the front will also meet what difficulties and obstacles, butch Wolf worm your way,The sound of the apes on both sides of the river has passed the mountains……

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