2-0 revenge!Antonio Conte’s face was blank as Manchester United reaped the rewards

Wolves beat Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 after Raul Jimenez and Dendonkel scored in the first half after lowry made two errors.Antonio Conte was unhappy with tottenham’s third straight defeat and the loss of four places to Manchester United.Tottenham beat Wolves 1-0 when they met in the first leg thanks to a goal from Ali, and wolves got their revenge with a 2-0 win 175 days later.Tottenham had a great chance to close the gap after Manchester United stumbled over Southampton and drew twice in a row.Tottenham lost three games in a row to Chelsea, Southampton and Wolverhampton Wanderers.Tottenham have won two, drawn two and lost one of their last five games and Conte’s face remained impassive in the cold wind and rain.Tottenham still have 36 points, three games in hand, but are still four points behind fourth-placed West Ham, and the initiative is not in their own hands.The next round, Tottenham also away to challenge the hot state of Manchester City, the difficulty can be imagined.Wolves have bounced back from their last round defeat to Arsenal with four wins and one loss in five league games and 12 points.Wolves have beaten Tottenham away twice in the last three seasons, with jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte unable to cope with the Chinese side.What’s more, Wolves beat Tottenham to move from eighth to seventh, three points clear of the champions League.Wolves, it must be noted, have a game in hand and are not losing hope of a top-four finish.Match review – just six minutes into the game, Lori made a diving save from Ruben Neves’s 20-metre shot.Then Dundonkel shot from close range, no power.However, Lori was fouled by Christian Romero and sent the ball to Raul Jimenez, who volleyed home from his chest to put Spurs 1-0 down.As a World Cup winning goalkeeper, Lori’s performance was amateur.The 18th minute, Lowry poor quality of the ball, Ben – Davis backfield long pass was broken, Bordens received teammates inverted triangle back pass, meet the ball with his right foot volley.The ball hit Davinson Sanchez and bounced off Bentangul before hitting the post and popping out.Lori fumbled and watched Dundonkel follow and score, leaving Tottenham 2-0 down.See this scene, even Conte was stunned, tottenham manager instantly black face.

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