Pity!Jia zongyang tripped and fell, the Chinese team missed the fourth gold medal, aerial skills mixed group to pick silver

Chinese skiers Xu Mengtao, Jia Zongyang and Qi Guangpu lost their gold medal in the freestyle aerials mixed team final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Tuesday.Freestyle skiing aerial skill mixed groups was new to the Beijing games project, China sent the strongest combination play, Xu Mengtao and Gu Zongyang and JiGuangPu, three, a total of 6 teams participating in the first round, the first four teams take part in the final, a team of 3 people each jump time, the Chinese team in the race to get the first place, to the final success.In the final, The Chinese team Xu Mengtao played first, got 106.03 points, temporarily ranked the first!China’s second appearance is Jia Zongyang, as a result, he made a mistake, directly fell on the snow, but also good good, only 96.02 points, the third appearance of Qi Guangpu, got 122.17 points, the total result of the second runner-up!Finally, the champion was won by the United States team, but The Chinese team came second, and Canada got the bronze medal. It is really a pity that the Chinese team lost the championship. We also hope that Jia Zongyang will not be affected by this mistake, and other athletes can put down their burden.To get the silver medal, has been very great, the first 2 days, The Chinese team is no grain, today finally got a silver medal, is a very great achievement, the champion who want to, but only one, as a 31-year-old veteran, can stand on the stage of the Beijing Winter Olympics, has been the champion in the hearts of netizens!

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