Vietnam has moved up 14 places in the government’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Readiness Index 2021

Vietnam ranks 62nd in the government’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Readiness Index for 2021, up 14 places from the previous year, according to on Feb 19.The index is an annual report produced by a UK-based research group in collaboration with Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC).The index, published annually, ranks countries based on 42 indicators across the three pillars of government, technology sector, data and infrastructure.Vietnam and Indonesia have released their national AI strategies since the index was compiled, meaning they both received the highest scores in the vision dimension this year.Vietnam’s AI strategy demonstrates its ambition to become one of the top countries in the region for AI research, development and application.Indonesia’s AI strategy, meanwhile, focuses on health services, bureaucratic reform, education and research, food security, mobility and smart cities.Last year, Bui the Duy, Vietnam’s minister of science and Technology, said the strategy aims to place Vietnam among the four leading ASEAN countries and 50 countries worldwide in ai research, development and application by 2030.It will also establish 10 well-known AI trademarks in the region and develop three national centers for big data and high performance computing.In addition, Vietnam plans to set up 50 interconnected open databases in the economic sector by 2030.The minister noted that the country is fine-tuning legal documents on AI and creating a legal framework, as well as promoting international cooperation in the field.Nearly 40 percent of the 160 countries ranked by the AI Readiness Index 2021 have published or are drafting national AI strategies, indicating that AI is fast becoming one of the top concerns of world leaders.Thirty percent of the ranked countries have issued national AI strategies and nine percent are drafting them.The global interest in AI comes amid a broader shift towards digital government, driven in large part by social distancing measures implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.Due to the size and maturity of the tech sector, the US topped the list with 88.16 points.Singapore ranked second with a score of 82.46, thanks to its institutional strength and the digital capabilities of its government.Rounding out the top five are the UK, Finland and the Netherlands.(Tu Lihui)

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