Shenze County public security Bureau successively persuaded two fugitives to surrender

In order to carry out the special action of “100-day competition of joint pursuit of fugitives”, Baizhuang Police Station of Shenze County Public Security Bureau, according to the unified deployment of the County Bureau Party Committee, actively take the initiative to persuade two online fugitives to come down.On October 20, 2021, Miu injured Sun because of disputes, sun was identified as minor injuries.After the incident, The Baizhuang police station quickly carried out investigation, Miu was repeatedly summoned to the case by the public security organs to pursue the Internet.Police in the arrest of miu at the same time, actively to its home to carry out the work of persuasion.On February 9, 2022, under the strong pursuit offensive and policy persuasion, the suspect Miao gave himself up at Baizhuang police Station.On February 10, Baizhuang police station seize the victory chase, after a lot of work, another suspected of intentional injury of the criminal suspect Li to the public security organs to surrender.At present, the criminal suspect Miao mou, Li Mou has been taken criminal compulsory measures, the case is being investigated further.(Yandurong Media, Chen Ganling, Correspondent, Diao Han, Lu Xiaolin)

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