About the College of Freedom at Korea University

The Department of Optional Majors was established in 2009 to shape talents in the field of public cultural services with the people as the foundation, in order to better provide the necessary cultural education to students who want to become national civil servants or enter the law school for further study.Modern society requires not only professional talents but also mixed talents with professional knowledge in related fields.The discretionary majors division is in line with this social demand, allowing students to choose subject matter in each academic field, to design their own study plan, and for multidisciplinary studies.Optional major students in accordance with their own advantages or life planning, can choose to design their own professional learning plan.If prepare to become a national civil servant or work in public utilities, so legal basic knowledge is indispensable, should learn history course content, to complete their future overall planning and learn knowledge and work ability.In the past, the law school shaped many talents needed by the country’s social development according to the national examinations. The Department of Optional Majors inherited the valuable work experience of the law school, and it can be said that it is the best student to become a national civil servant.Moreover, the expert elite team of graduate students of law major, as the guidance professors of the Casual Professional Department, also provides a better learning environment for students with the overall goal of human factors of law and regulations.For more information about studying in South Korea, you are welcome to follow Yuanyuan and click the following micro chat to start the information.To learn more

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