“The guy who gave me $50 is now my head coach.” Arlo: He came to LNG and asked why he deleted people

Introduction: Ale is LPL’s rising rookie. Although LNG didn’t perform very well at Worlds last season, Ale is very strong and many teams approached him after worlds S11.Doinb said ale was considering other teams at the time, but when Doinb joined LNG, he decided to stay.This shows ale is serious about results and is willing to stay with LNG if he can take it to the next level.In fact, just last season, Ale was so unknown that some teams didn’t want to try him out.Of course, RNG’s final results proved them right.”The guy who gave me $50 is now my head coach,” Arlo said, joking about his old team when RNG couldn’t find the right game to breathe and he didn’t want to go to RNG.They had no choice but to find new players, like Arlo.But when the player was ready for a second tryout, RNG decided to take on new responsibilities.Finally, RNG succeeded, tiger and his team won the spring championship, MSI championship, to prove that he made the right move.Ale has proven to be one of the best players on the LPL team, though he hasn’t gone as far as RNG in s11.LNG has recently won seven games in a row, a feat not even EDG has achieved.This period of time to win too much, LNG team standing in the first position in the standings, players are also a little more relaxed than before.Ale recently started to talk to fans. Talking about his interaction with RNG team back in the day, he talked about the coach who gave him 50 bucks. It turned out that the coach was familiar with ALE and had become the LNG head coach.When he came to LNG, he asked why he deleted the staff. In fact, the extra 0 was added and I accepted ale and talked about 50 yuan. “50 yuan” is our coach, he was in RNG then, and now he is our head coach.When he first came to LNG, he asked me why I deleted people, which was a bit humorous.Danmu asked Ale if he had accepted the 50 yuan, and the player had no choice but to say, “No, how can I accept it? If I had added another 0, I would have accepted it.How about 50? This has nothing to do with RNG. If anything, just shoot our head coach, who is Poppy.The id of Poppy is really familiar, he and Tabe took turns as the head coach last season, now RNG bought the champion coach Zhu Kai, Tabe can not leave, Poppy to LNG team understandable.Except none of us thought he was the guy who handed ale the $50.We all knew Ale didn’t get $50, but we didn’t know he had a grudge, so he deleted Poppy right then and there.The head coach was also interesting, and Ale didn’t have an easy answer to a direct question about why players deleted themselves.Personal opinion: Still, he’s sweet.Since I don’t have much to do with RNG, I volunteered to clarify that this has nothing to do with the clan, and I can spray Poppy if I want.After playing so long, they should be on good terms enough to joke about it.This article by the cat head bag original, welcome to pay attention to, with your knowledge!

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