Wheat prices in Henan soared to rmb1.70 a catty, and buyers said they expected further increases

In the main wheat producing areas of Henan province, since March, the purchase price of wheat has been rising every day, changing very fast, from 1.38 yuan per catty to 1.70 yuan per catty on March 31, which has increased by 0.42 yuan per catty.This increase in prices is a phenomenon never experienced before.At present, the price of wheat rose, although most of the wheat growers, home of wheat has been short, don’t save surplus grain, only a few farmers home still have surplus to sell, but, for farmers, is a good thing, will be for the current spring wheat growing ChunGuan enhances confidence, improve the enthusiasm of the wheat to summer crops of wheat seedlings to cultivate,Increasing production is a very effective thing.At present, the rise of wheat purchase price is mainly caused by three aspects. Therefore, farmers hope that the wheat purchase price will increase somewhat, which is very favorable for summer grain purchase.Therefore, the reason for the price rise of wheat is that the timeliness is relatively long. Therefore, the wheat continues to rise, which is very favorable to the summer grain market.Wheat buyers say prices will continue to rise.①, the current increase in wheat purchase price is mainly caused by the russian-Ukrainian tension.Russia is the world’s largest wheat exporter, and Ukraine is the world’s fifth-largest.At present, because the relationship between the two countries is very tense, there has been a war, which has made the tension even worse.As a result, both countries have halted wheat exports and both have closed their ports.In this way, after the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, the international wheat market was very tight, and the supply suddenly decreased, prompting the rapid rise of international food prices.However, China’s dependence on imported wheat is very small, after all, every year still need to import some wheat, to fill the market surplus and shortage and supply and demand relations, balance the domestic food market.Therefore, the rise in international wheat prices still has a certain impact on domestic wheat prices.② The rise in domestic wheat prices.Almost 70 percent of last year’s wheat crop has already hit the market, with only a tiny surplus still in the hands of farmers.This year’s crop is growing and developing, and it will take another two months before it is ready for harvest and a new crop is available.Therefore, the domestic market is in the wheat harvest time.Due to the rise of international wheat prices, domestic wheat green shortage, supply and demand at the same time there are abnormal phenomena, will inevitably lead to the rise of wheat prices with the rise of international wheat prices, produce fluctuations.Therefore, the domestic wheat price rise, is to cause the current wheat purchase price rise.(3) The expected response of domestic grain psychology.Recently, due to the international energy shortage, the rising prices of oil, natural gas and coal have led to the sharp rise in the price of chemical fertilizer, the rise in the price of agricultural fuel, and the rise in the cost of production and investment. As a result, the psychological expectation of domestic food prices has changed, forcing the rapid rise in the purchase price of wheat.In a word, it is an important time for wheat to be in spring cultivation and spring management all over the country at present. The rise of wheat purchase price, for farmers, has encouraged and promoted the enthusiasm of farmers, so that this spring wheat will be cultivated better, there will be a good harvest, and it is very beneficial to improve economic benefits.Therefore, most farmers, although they have no surplus to sell, are very hopeful that the purchase price of wheat will continue to rise, and that in two months ‘time, new wheat will come on the market and they will be able to sell their wheat at a higher price.

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