Nanhu District “the whole city bright screen” action to help winter fire prevention propaganda

In order to further do a good job of community fire prevention propaganda in winter, expand the coverage of fire protection publicity, On January 13, nanhu District fire rescue brigade coordinated the key units, communities, large commercial complex and other places, in the commercial intensive area, landmark buildings outdoor large screen rolling broadcast fire protection public service advertising.During this period, the brigade made full use of the advantages of fast delivery rate, wide coverage, convenient and fast outdoor LED display, and played public interest advertisements on fire protection in high frequency, so that fire safety was integrated into people’s lives, and the outdoor position became a “mobile classroom” for people to obtain fire safety knowledge, creating a strong fire protection propaganda atmosphere.The next step, the brigade will carry out the comprehensive fire propaganda “bright screen” action, effectively extend the fire tentacles to every corner of the society, so that the fire knowledge into thousands of households.

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