Chinese New Year eating and drinking, especially easy to fat, what good method can reduce weight?

I am light break food, not only during the New Year, it is at ordinary times continuous eat much, weight broke through the conventional body, I also use 3–5 days of light break food to return to normal.I have successfully reduced my weight from 170 kg to 130+, so I have my own beliefs and methods to lose weight.I am the mother of two treasures, and my weight has skyrocketed due to the birth of my baby. In fact, I was careless or even numb to my figure for a time. But one day, I realized that it was time to face and solve the problem of weight, so I started my year-long journey to lose weight.I also share several important nodes of weight loss here, for friends who have the intention of weight loss to use for reference :1.Supper does not eat, early afternoon eight eighth full, want to hold to such dietary habit only, weight nature gets benign cycle.2. Choose a consistent form of exercise. I walk every day.It was 4 kilometers a day, and I usually took a walk after I dropped off Er Bao to go to the kindergarten, just walking around my home.3. Go for staple food.I am a northernman, like to eat pasta, before basically no pasta is not happy, from the beginning of weight loss, pasta I basically broke, in addition to the breakfast buckwheat noodles, is generally rice and vegetables at noon, so it is easier to quantify, according to the upper limit of eight full to eat.In this way, my weight basically reached one hundred forty pounds smoothly, this is a bottleneck that I reduce weight encounter, it is to rely on the dietary habits of the above to let weight continue to go low.So I will continue to perceive my eating blind spots, I found that although the meal I can better control, but after eating or 7 broken eight eat some snacks, especially with children in the home, basic constantly snack on tea table, I found that I always walk home cleaning when picking up and eat, and have never realized this.So even though I’m losing weight, I’m still eating mindlessly.Therefore, I began to consciously eliminate snacks. This process is actually more difficult than standardizing three meals a day. In my view, there is enough time and amount for three meals a day.However, AS a full-time mother, I spend most of my time at home, so it is not easy to put an end to the ubiquitous snacks, because most of the time I am aware of eating them, and I am almost completely unconscious when I eat them.Later, with the deepening of my awareness, I found that I was prone to eat unconsciously when I was not calm. For example, when I had internal anxiety, something I wanted to do but couldn’t do, or other emotions, my hands would involuntarily look for something to eat.”Let your stomach pay for your emotions” is one of the most important things I’ve learned on the road to weight loss. That is to say, a lot of unconscious eating habits are actually emotional, and they didn’t start now. They started a long time ago.It has been difficult to lose weight for so many years because you have been eating for your emotions without realizing it.Aware of this, I am aware of the snack, weight has been successfully reduced to 130+ weight reduced to a little more than 130, a lot of clothes can wear, and buy clothes can choose freely, the upper part of the clothes and so on, so my whole person’s mental state and image completely glow new machine!Especially the person around also saw my change obviously, meet always meeting to say: “you are thin again”!”How did you lose that weight?”There are a lot of people feel incredible say, incredibly can be so disciplined and so on.In a word, I completely feel the joy and value of losing weight, and then how to keep the weight well.Generally speaking, maintaining weight is to consolidate the existing dietary habits: skipping dinner, eating 70-80 full in the morning and middle school, eating low fat and high protein food, emphasizing green vegetables rather than staple food;Then adhere to the habit of sports can not relax.In fact, after a year of new eating habits, my stomach has been very aware of food, the original is not uncomfortable to eat more, I can eat something else, now it is different, eat a little stomach naturally do not want to accept more food;Then, when I have dinner with my family in the evening, my stomach feels heavy and uncomfortable all night, so I still like the lightness and comfort that I do not eat at dinner.In fact, the old saying about not eating after noon is very reasonable. Eating after 4 o ‘clock in the afternoon does increase the burden on the body, and it is easy to keep the stomach without a chance to rest and recover.So after successful weight loss to eat more, I will automatically adjust, such as the night before eating more, the next morning as long as I am not hungry, I will not eat, until the stomach empty or hungry, and then appropriate eating;Or the first day to eat a buffet dinner, the next day deliberately eat soft and easy to digest soup food;Or, like the Chinese New Year, when I eat too much for many days in a row, my weight will naturally rise. I decided to start fasting after the eighth day, at least for three to five days, so that my stomach will have a chance to empty, but also reshape my eating habits, which is conducive to re-awaken the conscious life and eating.Most importantly, it’s important to feel like you’re hungry and not eating, and to know the limits of your body’s needs.We might think that if we don’t eat for a few days, there’s something wrong with our body. In fact, the body’s need for food or for material things is really low. And when the body doesn’t have to work to deal with the extra food, it’s easier to calm down and come back to the inside.In addition, say the matters needing attention during the break feed: (1) is given priority to with water, the first stage is through a lot of water make the stomach and intestinal have the chance to really clean down, if has to eat, all need to work all of intestines and stomach, there has been no rest, that as the body’s organs, they are also need to have a rest and functional recovery.2. The first day is difficult, because it is the competition of new old habit, if want to eat, see things at home advice from the natural environment, many go out for a walk, or go to the library to read a book, looking for friends to chat the easy transition can’t hold their time in the past, as long as the first day of the smooth insist, DiErSanTian behind will be more and more easily.3. Hunger in the first three days is more of a psychological effect. The body doesn’t really need to eat much, so it can be solved by drinking water.4. In the second half of the stage, if you are hungry, you can eat some fruit, pay attention to eat when you are hungry, and you must eat less, a small piece of apple is enough to satisfy hunger, do not take on too much, the role of eating some fruit at this time is to meet the basic needs of the body, the general or to follow the principle of not eating.5. The last seven days is light break feed end, restore the diet, eat must be step by step, one is the amount of growing up, but a beginning must eat easy to digest food, in the beginning can start from small rice water, second, and then eat porridge kind of food, the second day can add an egg to eat order and so on, gradually returned to normal diet.Such a seven day light break feed, weight reduction of ten catties eight jin is a natural thing, so I do not suggest to break and broken, but took the awareness to periodically for gastrointestinal emptying opportunity to relax and and we can also take this opportunity to practice, the lower limit of detection oneself body, at the same time I recommend more during that time, feel the inner spiritual and emotional changes, in this way,You may gain more than just weight. You may gain awareness, a deeper understanding of yourself, new eating habits, etc.Above, it is my experience of a few reduce weight, hope to have help to everybody.

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