2 | Hunan ice dream (part 2) : the future can be expected

In the middle of January, just before the Winter Olympic Games, hunan Daily all media reporter went to Jilin to explore the hunan short track speed skating team and visit 17 hunan children’s dream of ice and snow.Li Jianrou, former member of Chinese women’s short track speed skating team, won the gold medal of women’s short track speed skating in the sochi winter Olympics in 2014.She is hunan short track speed skating team head coach, the 17 players, she personally went to Hunan, carefully selected.Li Jianrou believes that the hunan short track speed skating team’s improvement is obvious.The only regret is that due to the epidemic, domestic short track speed skating events have suffered a great impact, so that the team lost many opportunities to practice.In the interview, the team members love short track speed skating, the Expectation of the Winter Olympics, overflow.Although this winter Olympics, they are just a group of “small audience” in front of the TV, but they are opening the door for Hunan snow and ice sports events.Producer/Xia Sifei/Yang Youhua/Liu Jianguang/Sheng Weishan zeng Yi/Chen Puzhuang CAI Jinyi executive/CAI Jinyi Chen Puzhuang shooting/Zou Shangqi Guo Lilang later/Hu Zhidan [Editor: Wang Yaobing][Source: Hunan Daily · New Hunan client]

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