The “eight vertical and eight horizontal” corridors of China’s high-speed railways have been basically included in the 14th Five-Year railway construction plan

1. When asking for advice on buying a house, PEOPLE always ask me, is there the best plan?It’s safe to say no.Never.Why is that?2, because all optimal solutions, suboptimal solutions, are by contrast.When contrast and reference are lost, comparison is lost.Without comparison, there can be no optimal suboptimal.3, only suit oneself, is good.Or, for every buyer, in the range of affordable, slightly up enough enough, is the best at the moment.4. Buying a house is a short-term transaction and decision, but a relatively long-term holding behavior. What you need to do is not to let yourself regret when holding and using it in the future.Take the long view, even if it’s only three years ahead.5. Take a simple example: 30% down payment for the first house, and a little extra can buy four houses. However, in order to save a little down payment, I only bought three houses.If you want to change houses at this point, you need 60% down.Even if housing prices did not rise, the pressure is twice as great.Although human nature longs for the optimal solution, we have to admit that there is no optimal solution in life, including buying a house.7. There is a concept in economics called pareto optimality, which refers to an ideal state of resource allocation.It exists as a conditional assumption: the assumption that the change of an inherent group of people and distributable resources from one distribution state to another makes at least one person better without making anyone worse off. This is Pareto improvement or Pareto optimization.8. The ideal hypothesis, after removing all the bad, evil, consumptions, etc., is itself difficult to exist.9. More importantly, once the state of “Pareto optimality” is reached, there will be no more “Pareto improvement”, no room for improvement, that is, no room for progress.The so-called optimal solution becomes a constraint again.10. Therefore, there is never really pareto optimality but continuous pareto improvement.That’s the truth.11. This is true of everything, not just economics.For example, we are familiar with the real estate regulation, there is only continuous “Pareto improvement”, there is no perfect regulation.Because no regulation is going to please everyone.12. Everyone is in different positions and interests. How can there be one regulation that represents everyone’s positions and interests?Standing in the point of view of the proletarian must offend the property, standing in the point of view of the customer must offend investors, standing in the point of view of the authority must make the bound dissatisfied.And vice versa.13, Therefore, never pursue the optimal solution, but strive to seek the optimal solution in the process of learning, improvement, optimization, constantly make their choice of sub-optimal solution into better solution.All the toss and toss of life is to seek a better solution.To use the old adage, there is no best, only better.15. In fact, it is the ambition to find the optimal solution that is most frightening.In history, many catastrophes were caused by the search for the optimal solution, the search for ideal and perfect sage politics, elite politics.The result, the outcome, is terrible.16. Even the immortal sages from Confucius and Mencius to Plato, in the end, the so-called “universal harmony” or ideal politics, could only seek the suboptimal solution of law.About this point, law fanatic Luo Xiang had a complete expression.17. It is often the good will that leads people to hell on earth, so we want the rule of law, not the rule of men.There is a need for laws to constrain people, to constrain people and their boundaries, to constrain the boundaries of power and morality, and to impose the costs of breaking the law.18. One of the biggest problems for the Chinese is the vague awareness of the border.Without borders, you can invade endlessly.Parents to children, couples, bosses to employees, and so on.This transgression happens all the time, which means that any kind of answer that desires to find an optimal solution is not an optimal solution.19. In particular, the isomorphic cultural pattern of the family and the country makes many matters, from small to large, as entangled as household matters.That’s what it means. 20, so there’s never an optimal solution.21, In economics, there is another big bull also talked about, he is Coase.Coase’s most important contribution is the problem of transaction cost and the definition of property right in economics.The definition of property rights is the basis of transactions.However, the process of defining and redefining property rights is based on experience, not on an idealized optimal solution.22. What happened in the 1950s was also based on an idealized assumption.The result of the rush is there for all to see.Once the result is produced, the cost is huge and the process of making up for it is long.23, we’re going to accept the suboptimal solution.Whether it is the state of their own life, the environment, or social governance, national management.24, But the significance of life struggle is that every present suboptimal solution should strive to become a step to a better solution in the future.Never stop is life.Otherwise, a solution that seems optimal at the moment may well turn out to be a bad one as it evolves and changes.Continuous efforts to achieve better, is the optimal solution of life efforts.26, back to the house to say a few words: if you buy the suburbs, try to buy the city;If you buy the city just need to strive for urban improvement and mansion;If you bought a mansion in Hangzhou, you should try to build a warehouse in Shanghai and Shenzhen.27. Don’t assume that reaching the top of a city is the optimal solution.In the last 30 years, the city center of Hangzhou has changed twice, from Jiefang Road to Wulin Square and then to Qianjiang New Town. You think you have reached the peak of a stage, but the urban development of another line, started to flip the table.Therefore, from Wulin Huanglong to South Star Bridge, all represent an era.The future is still coming. Change is always there.We should always embrace change and embrace the new era.Dynamic upward, is the continuous good.Today, the fifth day, meet the god of wealth.I never believed in God.I have always believed that God is also human, but he can do things that people can not do, so he is called god.Like the gods of every field.29. So the real God is himself, the one who is constantly striving to become a better version of himself, the one who never stops making miracles.30. Instead of asking god, try to canonize god.

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