Foxconn: New Year’s Eve live recruitment, overtime can earn 8000 yuan

Editor’s note: Bid farewell to the night of the city and go to the depths of the clouds in my hometown.Trapped by the epidemic for two years, the post-90s generation crossed mountains and seas to return home for reunion.In their homeland, they are more like foreigners for a short stay.In their perspective, they saw the changes in human feelings, social changes, and feelings of family and country.On the occasion of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Yin tiger, Time Finance launched the series “My Hometown, My Foreign Land”, this is the fifth article.Like last year, Dapeng and his wife stayed at Foxconn in Taiyuan for the New Year.They only have three days off this Spring Festival and will go to work on the second day of the lunar New Year.Dapeng has two children, a high school student and a primary school student, who are spending the Spring Festival with their grandparents in their hometown.The children had a problem with their parents not coming home for the Spring Festival. Dapeng had no choice but to stay in the factory and work if he wanted a 3,000 yuan foxconn retention bonus.He sent new clothes to the children and transferred the account to the elderly. Dapeng did not prepare any special food for himself and his wife during the Spring Festival. The New Year’s Eve dinner was still the fast food in the canteen.In foxconn factories around the country, most of the workers have returned to their hometown, the canteen is empty, the gate that used to be crowded with people becomes cold, there are also a few people like Dapeng who choose to stay behind, guarding the machine on the day of family reunion.To make a living, or to escape life, the workers who choose to stay behind keep foxconn’s vast production machine running.On the eve of The New Year’s Eve (January 31), Foxconn C restaurant in Taiyuan was open to employees for free. Big Peng showed his work card and got a plate full of chicken legs, Onions, green peppers and a scallop, which was his New Year’s Eve dinner.Restaurant C has a New Year’s Eve dinner set, which includes donkey meat fire, grilled fish, abalone rice, etc., each 35 yuan.Dapeng didn’t buy it. He came here just for the free meal.From the video taken by Dapeng, around 18 o ‘clock in the evening, there were people waiting in line for a meal in RESTAURANT C.The dining table is four-seater, divided into four sections by high boards. The workers eat with their heads down or look at their mobile phones. No one is chatting, and no one can.Back at their rented house after dinner, Dapeng and his wife made a video call home and chatted with their parents and children. Dapeng promised his parents that he would take a leave of absence and return to his hometown when he got his retention bonus on February 11.Dapeng’s hometown is jincheng in Shanxi Province, less than four hours’ drive from Taiyuan, so he stayed in the province to take care of his parents and children.Jincheng also has foxconn plant, but no return fee, he and his wife went to Taiyuan Foxconn, now three years.At Foxconn, Dapeng works as a plant maintenance worker and his wife works as an assembly line operator, earning a basic salary of more than 2,000 yuan and overtime pay.In January, if he goes home for the Lunar New Year holiday, he only gets about 40 hours of overtime, with a salary of about 3,500 yuan.As regular employees, he and his wife chose to stay at the factory. In addition to triple their pay during the Spring Festival holiday, they could also get a retention bonus of 3,000 yuan in return for only taking three days off from January 29 to 31.If a dispatched worker stays, he or she will receive 1,600 yuan in retention bonus, which is equivalent to more than 8,000 yuan in January.”Afraid of weather changes, afraid of traffic jam on the road, not on time to return to the post, no retention bonus.”Originally, Dapeng was able to take advantage of the three-day holiday home, worried about the 3000 yuan to fly to stay in Taiyuan, he said the child has been used to.Dapeng’s life is under great pressure. He has two children studying at home and needs to support the elderly, giving his family 4,000 yuan a month.After the Spring Festival, they plan to raise the amount of money they give their family each month to 5,000 yuan.Of course, wages alone are not enough.Peng also did three live shows on Douyin on Sunday, totaling more than four hours, with the first one starting at 5:40 a.m.He does at least two live broadcasts a day, totaling more than two hours, for his intermediary business.Peng revealed that the average day can recommend a new person into Taiyuan Foxconn, if the person into the factory did not leave in the probation period, Peng will get 500 yuan recommendation bonus, “the average of 10 people, 5 people will run.”To get noticed by job seekers, he runs his Douyin account, updating short videos and doing live streaming every day.He also plans to start a matchmaking business, he told Time Finance, to find matches for those he recommends to enter the factory.These days, he took a mobile phone in Foxconn turn, only in the workshop couplets, window flowers to see the Spring Festival breath.Like Dapeng, many young people without families remain at Foxconn, either because they are homeless or because they simply want to save money for their dreams.Hu Ying, 24, works as a test worker on an assembly line at Foxconn in Zhengzhou, where she spent Spring Festival this year.According to her observation, the large canteen in the factory is still open, the small canteen is basically closed, and most of the people in the dormitory have left.Time Finance has learned that many workers took advantage of the holiday to go home for the Spring Festival, while many left their jobs before the Spring Festival after working for three months and receiving rebates.On the one hand, the factory is cold, on the other hand, due to the lack of personnel, some workshops are working feverishly.”I am a person to do a work station, originally was 2 people a work station, running equipment, legs run fast broken.”In the days leading up to the Spring Festival, Hu ying had to work 2.5 hours overtime every day. To meet the deadline, her five-day holiday was turned into two days.The joints in her hands ached from repeating the same movement thousands of times, and the music gave her a brief respite.After entering Foxconn for more than half a year, it was the first time that she heard singing on the radio in the workshop. Mobile phones were not allowed to enter the workshop, and all she could hear was the endless roar of machines, “a little like the Atmosphere of the New Year, like the feeling in the supermarket.”Foxconn gave Hu Ying a New Year gift package, which includes dried fruit and grains.She did not buy other New Year goods, but just took advantage of the two-day holiday to relax, having hot pot with friends on New Year’s Eve and watching movies on The first day.Earlier, she sent handwritten Chinese characters “fu” to her family.With a retention bonus of 3,300 yuan, Hu could have earned 6,000-7,000 yuan in January.She doesn’t have many regrets about not being able to go home for the Spring Festival.Her hometown in Pingdingshan, Henan province, less than 2 hours from Zhengzhou Foxconn drive, before the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day have been back home.She did not take advantage of the only two days of vacation to return to her hometown because the nucleic acid test report would be required within 24 hours and there would be a long queue for the test.”I now work for apple fans to buy millet.”Hu, who has been a rice fan for seven years, bought a Mi 11 Pro last December. She also owns Xiaomi tablets, electric cars and smart home appliances. “I work to buy what I want,” she said.After working at Foxconn through 2021, she plans to leave after one more year.After working two shifts for a long time, her biological clock was out of whack and she was more used to working at night. On the day shift, she would feel particularly sleepy in the afternoon and could not fall asleep easily at night.Hu ying’s friend, Xiao Liang, did not return home for the festival either, in order to pay a high rebate.As a dispatched worker, he entered Foxconn in early November to “screw”, and only received 7,500 yuan in early February after three months of work.If he returns home for the Chinese New Year, he will not get a retention bonus, nor will he get a refund at all.Without rebates, Xiao Liang earns no more than 3,000 yuan a month on average at Foxconn. Last December, he was paid 2,800 yuan.On New Year’s Eve, the lights are brilliant and the fireworks are gorgeous. People and their partners, children and parents look up at the starry sky at the same time, but there are always some people alone, wandering in the streets of a foreign land. Many people do not have time to go home, but they dare not face their parents.Like last year, xi ‘an soldier brother once again stayed in Shenzhen for the Spring Festival.In his 13th year at Foxconn, he has visited his hometown no more than four times, the last time in 2019.Bingge said that in xi ‘an, his mother and sister would brew rice wine, steamed steamed buns and steamed huamo to worship their ancestors.He didn’t know how to do that. He simply boiled noodles and fried them for the holidays.He is a homebody and a veteran investor.The stock market was closed for the lunar New Year holiday, and he spent most of his time at home playing with his phone and munching on dried fruit, both sourced from Foxconn and bought by himself, as he prepared to go hiking in the coming days.He did not stay in Shenzhen because of his retention bonus, nor was he stopped by the epidemic.As a technical worker, he did not have a retention bonus. The Spring Festival holiday was longer than Dapeng and Hu Ying, and he had a holiday on January 26. He worked overtime for two days on January 27 and 28 as arranged by the leader.Although both Xi ‘an and Shenzhen had the epidemic in January, Xi ‘an officially lifted the quarantine on January 24, and shenzhen was at low risk from midnight on January 26. If he wanted to return to his hometown, he only needed a nucleic acid test report.”Old, not making money and not married.”That’s the real reason he stayed at Foxconn.His salary is not low. His position level is Division 3, and his basic salary is 6,800 yuan. If overtime is included, his monthly salary is about 10,000 yuan, but he has not saved much.He started investing in the stock market about 10 years ago, spending hours every day and losing money, including 50,000 yuan in 2021.In those years, he didn’t buy a car, buy a house or get married.He had a friend who was the master of B station up. Once he said in his friend’s video that he was depraved and did not want to harm girls. He had never thought about blind dates or marriage.At present, bing ge’s expectation for life is to stay in Foxconn for another 2 years, and he can get the pension after 15 years of social security payment. Therefore, he has no plan to leave Foxconn for the time being.Speaking of the Spring Festival, he recalled the temple fairs and fairs in his hometown that were cancelled due to the epidemic and could only recall the photos taken a few years ago.Looking at photos of him and his family visiting scenic spots in Xi ‘an on The first day of the New Year in 2016, he said that the taste of the New Year in his hometown was weakened, which is why he didn’t go back home.

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