Yin and Yang division: recommend a clear breakthrough lineup, the cost is quite low, the speed is quite fast

Author: NGA- Yi People like a dream first said lineup: according to the speed of sorting: Figure repair piedu 06 high wind because of fan say imperial soul: 1.2. Repair to/sea moon (rabbit 70% speed)3.Deer wound soul bird (health attack explosion + defense 2 sets), yes I am to survive big Boss4.06 lock 2 skills life and mussel essence, professional flower prevention 5.Kagura wind to piedu /066. Because of the flame flame spirit pure explosion injury (pay attention to the attack do not repair) panel need not stick, anyone can make it, the advantage is fast, thief fast, very fast.57 level one jump one sit thing (body sense is not slower than snake 4 repair, but also more stable than him), at most deer pills fill a knife.Encounter single SP flower is not afraid to hang up and turn over the car, encounter snow is also easily red and green label is enough.Shortcomings are not much, the rabbit rob but in front of a quick reiki, but encountered really not much.Snow sparrow can try, some can’t fight, fight can’t change something else.

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