The Comprehensive law enforcement Bureau of Xiuwen County in Guizhou carried out an emergency drill on epidemic prevention and control at a farmers’ market

On March 29, the comprehensive law enforcement Bureau of Xiuwen County conducted an emergency drill on epidemic prevention and control at a comprehensive farmers’ market.This drill simulated the emergency treatment of the personnel with abnormal health code arriving at the guard card point in the comprehensive farmers’ market, and strictly implemented the emergency treatment procedures.The drill started from the entry of persons with abnormal health code into the card point on duty. Upon finding persons with abnormal health code, the personnel on duty at the card point immediately activated the emergency response plan and mass prevention and control measures of the farmers’ market. The personnel with abnormal health code were immediately placed in the temporary isolation point and their information was registered.Immediately after registering the information, notify the epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of Longchang Street Office, the Party Committee of the County Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau and the County Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters of the situation of the abnormal person by phone. Meanwhile, control and prohibit other people from approaching the temporary isolation point. After the Epidemic Prevention and control headquarters of Longchang Street Office arranges special personnel to take the abnormal person away,Immediately eliminate the guard card points, temporary isolation points and other areas, close up and check as quickly as possible, and effectively cut off and control the suspected chain of infection.Through the drill, the standard card point unattended epidemic reporting and disposal process, strengthen the prevention and control personnel cooperation tacit understanding, promote the epidemic prevention and control ability, cogent accomplish “early detection, early reporting, early quarantine and early treatment”, the effective implementation of the epidemic prevention and control measure, to avoid mass outbreak by county comprehensive farmer’s market, to ensure the safety of life and health of the people.

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