Linyi parents, you are not allowed to not know this “family education order”

Shandong province issued the first family Education Decree after the Family Education Promotion Law of the People’s Republic of China came into force on January 1, 2022.The Law on the Promotion of Family Education stipulates that parents bear the main responsibility for family education of minors, and that parents should use correct thoughts, methods and behaviors to educate minors to develop good thoughts, conduct and habits.Article 49 “family education promotion law” also mentioned that the public security organs, people’s procuratorates and people’s courts in handling cases, found that there are serious juvenile bad behavior or commit crimes, or the parents or other guardians of minors not correct implementation of the family education infringe on the lawful rights and interests of minors,Parents or other guardians shall, according to the circumstances, be reprimanded and may be ordered to receive guidance on family education.In the traditional family relationship and their children’s education concept, how to education children, children, what to do with children, is “the family”, and “private”, even a “family education promotion law”, many people are worried about execution implementation effect, also many parents still use legal weapons to the country management within the family parenting problem.However, the issuance of the first “Family Education Decree”, let the concept of “raising children in accordance with the law” is “national” again deeply rooted in the people, but also let the common sense that “not raising children in accordance with the law” is under the control of someone, there are legal regulations and punishments.The Family Education Decree serves as a reminder and example for relevant state departments, social organizations, family members and judicial departments.This reminds linyi parents, to deal with some “children in accordance with the law” problem, can be through the “family education order” mandatory admonishment, ordered rectification, deadline supervision and other timely pre-intervention, without waiting for the legal involvement of the prosecution molding the consequences of a certain impact on the child to use legal weapons.

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