Eight years fruitless teacher: from the middle school evaluation of the senior title to vote for life and death?Wonderful work rules

After eight years of fruitless professional title evaluation, a high school teacher has decided whether to live or die by voting. Let’s take a look at the weird professional title evaluation rules of relevant high schools.The whole is divided into two parts: individual comprehensive evaluation (including quantifiable and clear hardware conditions such as class, education and performance) and voting (divided into guidance voting, examiner voting and public voting).If the school is considered a top school, it must have considered the most fair voting process as well as individual evaluations. But is that true?According to the teacher, the comprehensive evaluation score from the first to the 17th place was only 10 points difference, but the voting place was 15 points, and the nearby school did not vote (only when the comprehensive evaluation was the same), so the school’s vote was artificially set.Finally the comprehensive evaluation of second teacher is lost, comprehensive evaluation of the 16th another teacher rank, question the answer is “everyone not to vote for you?”, contains the meaning of sentiment is not good, you in addition to internal leadership in public and examiners vote, popular vote only write a candidate’s name and date of birth, there is no other information,This is the same as college freshmen’s choice of monitor, generally the first to go is the candidate of the monitor’s branch secretary, and ability has nothing to do with, as long as there is no action that causes public indignation, generally will not change.The most important thing for front-line teachers is their educational performance and workload at ordinary times. The most important thing for administrative personnel is to adjust all kinds of relationships. The popularity of accounting is better than that of front-line teachers.In this case a profound experience, although leather bean is not a teacher, but the road in the enterprise and it is not much, at ordinary times the dirty work and hard work are at the bottom of the technical personnel to do, so all the year round someone gave a name to a project has no direct effect, see others’ integral delay into, can only silently service,Although that name is very hard because of many performance reviews, but a closer look, do not know what you are doing is the mood of the leader.The most ridiculous thing about the middle school’s vote was that I was worried that even one mass vote could be miscounted, so adding in a leader’s vote and a censor’s vote, Peppa wanted to ask, what’s the difference between a leader’s vote and a censor’s vote?The examiners must know the leaders first, and then selectively know the front-line teachers!That’s why the 16th (and second-to-last) teacher can reverse the trend.In fact, professional title and performance are not suitable for many industries, especially education based schools, it seems very reasonable, but in fact, the implementation is completely different, for a long time, eliminate the momentum of front-line teachers, desperately lecturing, not as good as other people’s subjects, perhaps only in such a number of enterprises is absolutely fair.Although there are calls for the abolition of professional title evaluation for teachers, it is difficult for the reform to fully adjust the major interests of front-line teachers. That is why Zheng Qiang, a professor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, hates the logistical desks and arranges accommodation for students.

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