“May you walk over mountains and rivers and find the world worthwhile”

Fu Jingxuan was born to a concubine. He was not liked since he was a child, but he could not afford to lose. In his daily life, he only played with others and bullied others.Recently the family to sister set marriage, Fu Jingxuan heard and play up, make sister and lover eloped at night, this set marriage naturally fell on Fu Jingxuan.The object of marriage is Fang Ze sheng, that man feng God Handsome lang, or the first of the four tea line big headed, but…He was a paralytic, and though he was a great master, he had no real power. It was not a good marriage.But Fu Jingxuan is happy, to be able to spend the rest of his life with Fang Zesheng and joy.In fact, as early as very young Fu Jingxuan and Fang Ze was born with the same mind, but then something happened to fang Ze, fang Ze had no parents broke his leg…Fu jingxuan traveled thousands of miles just to catch a glimpse of Fang Zesheng, only to be blocked by Fang.At that time, Fang Zesheng and Fu Jingxuan are just a door apart, but they seem to be thousands of miles apart.For so many years, he seldom thought of Fu Jingxuan.One is afraid to think about it, and the other is that I don’t think about it.◆ “You may not know that when I learned of your accident, I ran to Chuzhou by ferry alone and knocked at your gate for three hours.”◆ “I just want you to know that I’m not here to help you because I feel sorry for you because of your broken leg.””I came to you because I liked you when I was young and couldn’t put you down.It doesn’t matter to me whether you have a disability or not. You are who I am, not your legs.”◆ Fu Jingxuan stood outside the door for three hours, Fang Zesheng was separated by a door panel for three hours, often could not help but want to open the door, see the burn on the leg, and then hand back.◆ At that time young, the spirit is also high, in addition to want to stay away from Fu Jingxuan, don’t let Fu Jingxuan trip to the fang family this muddy water, more afraid of being seen his ghost.Afraid of Fu Jingxuan’s heart.Fu Jingxuan long in his heart, is his person, but also his heart.After reading Fu Jingxuan and Fang Zesheng is like each other, round and round can still be together, is the biggest blessing.When he learned that the fang family had suffered a tragedy, Fu traveled across mountains and rivers and stood in front of fang’s house for three hours, knocking on the door.At the beginning, Fu Jingxuan thought, if Fang Zesheng did not open the door, he will be angry, he went all the way to meet him, how can he so cold to me.Later, Fu Jingxuan thought that if Fang Zesheng was willing to open the door, he would not be angry, after all, Fang Zesheng was in a bad mood, even if he left out nothing…But when it began to rain outside, the rain soaked through Fu’s clothes, and the door in front of him remained untouched.Fu Jingxuan knew fang Zesheng would not open the door, but Fu Jingxuan did not know that Fang Zesheng was only separated from him by a door, with his heart broken, with him in the rain.– END — (Note: graph source network, sorry to delete.)

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