Marine life: Thank you for the chance to meet you

Thank you for the chance to meet you, so that you become my first literary friend;I also thank you for increasing my belief and pursuit of literary creation.On that day after a long separation, when I am about to meet you again, the scenes and feelings that you and I worked hard together to create literature are still vividly reproduced in my brain screen…Remember, when you and I make friends as literary friends, when the Spring Festival comes, we reported the army news training class together, you affectionate send me a beautiful New Year’s card, gift is you borrow a poem: plum blossom incense from the bitter cold.That day, we sat together, reviewing famous works and exploring the aesthetic value of literature with great interest, and we both enjoyed the atmosphere.Then suddenly you stood up and promised me passionately that you would fight for literature.Influenced by you, I can’t help but swear to work with you for the common literary creation and struggle for life.At that time, you wrote better news than ME, while I wrote news only blindly flat straight, like a headless fly can not find the Angle.In the more than a year that you and I have exchanged comments on each other’s works, the level of journalism has improved, but it is still at the level of self-appreciation, and none of it has been put into type.I remember when we met, you confided to me implicitly that you had fallen in love with a beautiful girl during your visit.Listen to your voice, you love her, love good sincere, he also quite like you, like you to the cause of that persistent pursuit.I’m glad you found your sweet love first.As you move into new roles and new things in your life, busy with work and caring for loved ones, you move back to places where you see less and less of me.But I do not feel lonely for this, you gave me the “plum blossom fragrance from the bitter cold” poem, I have taken it as my motto, every time think of it, can not help but think of you.One day two years later, the news I wrote was finally published by the People’s Navy. When I looked at this first news article, I felt so beautiful that it was hard to describe with words.At this point, I really taste the true meaning of the poem “without a bitter cold window, where to plum blossom Qin nose fragrance”.The fragrance of plum flower, induce me to be more diligent in “grid” in, the news level not only gradually grows, and realized how to write poetry and prose, have more than 300 works published successively, among them the news wins army first prize, the work also hits to central level by original province city level.Although these “fruit” only, and published mostly “tofu blocks”, is not enough to outwardly humane.However, in these years, forget eating and sleeping, keep working in the “grid”, which “cold window bitter” and “qin nose sweet” flavor, how can not tell you with me to struggle together?When I met you, we had just had a little warm conversation, and I began with a hasty narrative of my failures and successes in writing.Then you asked me urgently about your creation. You smiled shamefully and began to tell me about it…After listening to your story, I was amazed for a long time and silent for a long time.Do you drop out of school just because your manuscripts have failed you so many times?I can’t help thinking of the news you wrote at that time. With a little effort, you could have figured out how to break through yourself, and you could have written better prose than I did.What a pity to be frustrated and apathetic at such a critical moment, when you don’t realize that success is so close to you!Since you are indifferent to creation and put all your heart and soul into the person you love, you never expect that the person you love will leave you because you are not professional in your career.What else can I tell you at this moment?When I am about to say goodbye to you, the world around me suddenly becomes silent, only the pupil of the eye, the window of the heart is still shining, you read me with it, I read you with it…Fortunately, we added wechat to each other, you in the circle of friends, when you see this article is a kind of missing for you!!☆ About the author: Lu Wei, born in 1980 in Zhumadian, Henan Province, served in a navy in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province for six years as a news reporter;Once employed by Henan Bureau of China Trade News;In 2016, he was admitted to Zhumadian Public Security Bureau as an auxiliary police officer.Original article, reprint please indicate the author and source editor: Yi Shusheng

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