Halo: Infinite has lost over 90% of Steam players

According to Forbes, Halo: Infinite has dropped out of the top five most-played games for Xbox gamers and is currently at number six.The top five are fortnite, Call of Duty: War Zone, Give Him Love 5, Apex Legends, and Roblox.On Steam, things seem to be getting worse, as Halo Infinite is already outside the top 100 online players on Steam, and even at its peak yesterday, it was around 40.As it turns out, the game lost about 90% of its players within two or three months.Halo Infinite has experienced a number of issues, particularly in multiplayer, with pricing of in-game microtransactions and pass progression setting that has put off many players, and while officials are making some changes to these, it may be too late for some players.Then there are the plugins, especially on PCS, which are likely to cause more people to leave.There is a more general problem with halo Infinite’s entire game concept.In fact, traditional team-based shooters have fallen out of favor.As you can see, three of the top five Xbox games are Battle Royale.On Steam, the top shooters are CSGO, tactical team games without “respawn” mechanics.Call of Duty: Pioneer and Battlefield 2042 are further down these lists, having far more problems with the games themselves than Halo: Infinite, aside from being traditional team-based products.That’s not to say battle Royale will definitely improve the gameplay of Halo Infinity, but it’s certainly a direction worth considering in current shooters.If Halo Infinite is going to be the next generation of Halo games, 343 will have to figure out how to scale the game to make it viable for the long term.

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