A post-00s girl takes her flowers to a new level

4000 pieces of silk, 300 days and a clever post-00s girl combine to bring the phoenix Jinchai in a dream of Red Mansions to the world in the form of velvet flowers.The work of murong Yi, a post-00s girl, has been viewed more than 120 million times and even attracted media coverage from the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League. So what exactly is velvet flower?Who was Murong Yi?In this issue, Ziya children’s Fun will bring you to understand Murong Yi’s life experience.Murong Yi, a poetic name, also has a poetic life. Murong Yi is a post-00s girl from Xinjiang province. She has been immersed in the charm of traditional Chinese art since her childhood, so murong Yi learned guzheng and guqin at an early age.She is even good at embroidery. It is known to all that the learning of these three traditional arts requires great patience. If a little girl can patiently learn these boring things in the eyes of ordinary children from an early age, it can be seen how much Murong Yi is addicted to these traditional arts.In the eyes of the people around him, Murong yi should be a liberal arts student, and literature goes hand in hand, but to everyone’s surprise, Murong Yi turned out to be a science student, and chose automated surveying and mapping as his major in college, realizing the passionate collision between science and technology and traditional art.But choose automated mapping doesn’t mean that Mr. Murong gave up their favorite art means from now on, she is still in their spare time to practice guzheng and embroidery, a pure chance, Mr. Murong to witness the birth of a velvet flower in a documentary, velvet flower beauty shocked Mr. Murong, since then has become a “velvet flower” mr.murong meaning of true love.After watching the documentary, Murong yi searched for basic information about velvet flowers and learned from murong that velvet flowers are the most distinctive traditional handicrafts in Nanjing.Because the homonym “ronghua” is considered to be one of the representatives of Chinese wealth culture.In the Tang Dynasty velvet flower has become a royal tribute, deeply loved by Empress Wu Zetian, in the Ming and Qing dynasties, velvet flower production technology after development and improvement, the finished product is more delicate and beautiful, which makes the development of velvet flower more scale.The common people at that time likes to regard flannelette as his headgear very much, in every festival or when getting married, the woman can wear flannelette on his head to compete for glory, show his beauty to the top of one’s bent.But with the development of The Times and the progress of society, gold and silver jewelry jewelry slowly began to fill the market, we also began to become impetuous slowly, began to make material precious or not to judge the value of jewelry, in such a market, velvet flower began to slowly withdraw from our line of sight.Many flannelette makers began to give up the craft they once relied on to make a living in order to support their families. It was not until a few years ago that the popular Qing Dynasty drama “The Story of Yanxi Palace” was released, and the exquisite ornaments on the heads of female characters in the drama aroused people’s curiosity that flannelette returned to our sight.After undertaking sufficient understanding to flannel flower, the mu Rong yi that is attracted by the beauty of flannel flower decides to teach oneself the creation of flannel flower.But the creation of velvet flower is not a simple thing, it needs to wait for nearly 10 working procedure through dyeing, bate brass, clink, tip, pass a flower, want to appear a little mistake to be able to bring about the velvet flower that is being made only once.So the production of flannelette is a very complicated thing.Murong Yi did not have the family of Nanjing velvet flowers, she has no way to contact the production of velvet flowers as young as the children of these families, when there is a problem, you can ask the elders in the home for help, she can only look for video from the Internet, a little from scratch.The Internet gives Mr. Murong velvet flower production of the opportunity to learn, but also let Mr. Murong meaning so take a lot of detours, velvet flower production various video online, never contact Mr. Murong velvet flower make meaning cannot judge video of true and false, only through their own practice to judge video blogger the teaching method is correct.In such stumbling, Murong yi knew which kind of silk thread is more suitable for making flannelette, learn to start work oneself when finding suitable making material.Also groped out the copper wire that used to bind flannelette to be able to be more soft after burning, can suit flannelette to make more, so Mu Rong yi became a flannelette artisan eventually with his patience and perseverance.After learning how to make velvet flowers, Murong thought of the missteps she had taken due to some misleading videos and wanted to provide convenience for future generations. In April 2020, she shot her first video teaching velvet flower making for Internet users to learn.”The video hasn’t received a lot of views, but it was an encouragement to me at that time. It showed that someone was watching my video, watching the flowers I made, and it encouraged me to continue shooting later videos,” Murong said after her interview.It was the encouragement of netizens that encouraged Murong to continue her work, and her reproduction of phoenix Jinchai, the same as a Dream of Red Mansions, which she spent nearly 300 days on, also shocked netizens. At that time, the topic of view reached 120 million, and it even attracted the Communist Youth League and other central official media to report and publicize it.So why has the Phoenix Jinchai attracted so many people’s attention?We all know that ancient craftsmen after decades of adherence, craftsmanship must be superb, after their hands created stunning jewelry is relatively not so amazing things.But murong Yi contact velvet flower only 4 years time, she can according to the description of the book and the screen in the TV series, the Phoenix Jinchai flower in the form of flowers in front of everyone, and compared with the original is not inferior, which has to marvel at murong Yi’s own ingenuity and skills.In fact, the official media also reported this event for another reason, that is, to make velvet flowers appear in the sight of more people, and to provide more opportunities and ways for the development of this intangible cultural heritage technology.Mr.murong meaning himself, in fact, for the publicity of velvet flower efforts, she has been sticking to production velvet flower and professor velvet flower technology of video, in the comments section she would actively answer questions about the velvet flower production, fans in this way she wants to make more people fall in love with velvet flower, cherry, plum, gardenia, all kinds of beautiful flowers that bloom in Mr. Murong meaning hand.In the comments section of Murong’s video, netizens also jokingly joked, “Do you send your hand or should I send my hand?””Brain will hand will not”.Led by Mr. Murong meaning, like velvet flower net friends joined Mr. Murong’s fan base, when Mr. Murong meaning to solve the net friend doubts, other members of the group will also be spontaneous to offer help, so through the interaction between netizens, velvet flower this intangible culture begins to be more and more people see, also begins to be more and more people like it.In addition to the Phoenix Hairpin, Mr. Murong also reproduced other classics, such as the flanneld-flower hairpins from the Forbidden City, which are no different from the original.Except velvet flower, Mr. Murong meaning to other areas also have dabbled in more traditional manual, she hope that through their own efforts will more traditional manual technology back to people’s field of vision, perhaps Mr. Murong meaning than in these areas has decades of sticking to the old artisans, but she will be the production of traditional crafts with modern technology combine, let more and more people understand the velvet flower charm.According to relevant data, in murong yi’s fans, young fans account for 48% of the left and right sides, I believe that in the development of the future, these young people will also become the backbone of the propaganda and production of velvet flowers, for the development of velvet flowers to contribute their own heart.Flowers often open unbeaten, artisans in the heart of the enthusiasm will never be extinguished.Does everyone like Murong Yi?Feel free to leave a comment below.If you like my article, please follow me, like me and forward, every encouragement from you will be my motivation to make better works.END two dogs

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