Hebei Guyuan: High back crucian carp and tricholoma bashang are natural gifts of people in this land

Guyuan grasslands, wetlands and mountains are interdependent, with numerous rivers and lakes and horizontal and horizontal water systems. The diversified geographical features breed rich species resources, and also provide guyuan people with colorful and delicious natural food materials.Swan Lake is a lightning river system, the pentium of the living water pregnant with rich fish.Swan Lake is dotted with villages that have been fishing for generations.Swan Lake fishermen are especially busy during the fishing season from April to July.In 2014, Lightning River System set up bashang High-back crucian carp national aquatic germplasm resource protection Zone.Swan Lake is fished for only four months of the year, when fishermen return to their aquatic homes.For the brief time of year, fishermen can savor the lake’s freshness.The carp is cooked and served in various ways.The most coveted of all cooking styles is the combination of lakes and mountains.The most representative taste of Guyuan is the combination of crucian carp and tricholoma bashang.Tricholoma basangensis generally grows in mountains and valleys 800 to 1,500 meters above sea level. It is a pure natural edible fungus with no pollution, delicious taste and rich nutrition.In the Qing Dynasty, mushrooms were used as tributes to the capital.Drain the water from the mushrooms and put them into a bowl, then fill it with clean water. Beat the mushrooms repeatedly with chopsticks and change the water. After changing the water three or four times, keep the original soup for later use.The rest of the mushrooms are foamed and then cut into thin slices and set aside.At this time, a spoonful of flax oil base, add seasonings and secret sauce, just fished out of the high back crucian carp into the pot.Add the secret sauce to reduce the juice, then add the slicing mill and the original soup. The encounter of the two flavors will release the delicious flavor.Gu yuan famous dish spread for hundreds of years “fresh on fresh” is become, mountain treasures and lake fresh achievement belongs to gu yuan characteristics of food outside the mouth.Food is the most important thing for people. Crucian carp and tricoma bashang are the gifts of this land to Guyuan people, and Guyuan people also use their simple way of life to repay their ancestral land.

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