Valkyries retro legend flower fairy how to get valkyries flower fairy skills introduction

Hello, everyone, I love to play games soft soft ah, welcome to.Today, tell your friends about the three career legends of Valkyrie.How to get fairy flowers, and what ability, let’s have a look!We can get fairy flowers through monthly card group purchase oh, temporarily soft soft only know this way oh.Flower fairy fairy skills:Pick up: Elves will automatically pick up items (activate 1 elf) Experience: Equipment recovery experience increased by 30%(activate 2 elves) Spawn: Damage reduction from monsters increased by 20%(activate 3 elves) Beat :BOSS drop rate increased by 12%(activate 4 elves) Touch gold: Daily bonus cap increased by 20%(activate 5 elves) Character bonus:Physical Attack :65-130 Physical Defense:58-96 magic defense: 58-96 – HP: 1537 basic life: more than 3% is serene for friends to bring about the three professional mobile game rule wu legend god’s spirit beautiful faery related strategy well, interested friends don’t come to get him in the game, more exciting game content welcome concern or home oh, then we’ll see you next time!Bye bye!

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