In Longju, there is a kind of shopping called Nian Ji

As the old saying goes, every day is a good day.With the Spring Festival approaching, the old mellow smell of the Year is getting stronger and stronger day by day.During this period, the most thick, than the bustling Festival.In the twelfth lunar month to catch the festival, is how many years people do not come away for a long time, is also a farmer in the twelfth lunar month busy year highlight.In the Dragon House New Year fair, there are a wide variety of goods, a variety of agricultural products, just like the fair.Fresh chicken, duck, fish, vegetables and fruits are raised, produced and sold by farmers themselves. The crispy lotus root in Nanli Village is fresh and tender, and can smell the taste of spring. It is used to make dumplings on New Year’s Eve with meat and eggs, so every family will come to several bags.Longju meatballs is a provincial intangible cultural heritage project product. It has become a custom to eat meatballs and make soup in every longju family during the Spring Festival. Now, the meatballs made by wring stuffing are safe to eat and still strong, and they are also necessary goods for the Spring Festival.Hot cooked food stands are everywhere, but the food is homemade and expertly traditional, and everyone wants to buy it before they get to the stalls.Fried meatballs, fried crisp meat, fried yellow croaker and fried hairtail can be eaten at home until the end of the lunar New Year.Soft sweet yellow rice rice cake, homonym “year after year high”, in order to auspicious, also need to buy a few pieces.Home people love to eat cooked dried melon, soft and sweet, but also children like snacks for the New Year, how can not buy some?Catch the Spring Festival, do Spring Festival goods busy.A long tradition of customs, simple folk customs, in this occasion, dense in the hearts of the villagers, blossoming a happy and warm flowers.Joyfully catch the Festival, ready for the Lunar New Year, the lunar New Year catch this traditional folk carrying people too much hope and good.The annual fair is larger and more lively than the usual market, with couplets, fruits, dishes……A variety of goods with regional characteristics, everything in sight, buying New Year’s goods is the core purpose.Grandpa’s bamboo stick is filled with bright color and full grain sugar gourd, which is children’s favorite.On the other side of the hot baked sweet potato oven, sweet fragrance reminds how many people childhood memories.

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